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Time for another glyph challenge! Unlike last months, this months challenge does not have composition glyphs out of our known glyphs at this time.Like the previous glyphs it has a few that are very close to being finished. The glyphs closest, that share lines with Mind and only need an extra line to finish, are Creativity, impure, old,call, and Evolution/progress/success.

Mind though is a composition glyph for many different glyphs, the most famously known being Human. Yes, two lines are missing but this is a generally accepted theory. Mind is also well known to be one of the main compositions of another highlighted glyph. While Mind was not part of the Lightman decipherments,it was present in some of his other studies, including a glyph that is believed to be the composition of Mind and Soul. This glyph still has not made it into our scanners in the form of the glyph hacking game or ever really explored past Lightmans post in June 10th 2014 but it is a major part of Minds history.

Mind was present in the glyph sequence that melded both Klue and Ada together. This sequence and glyph would be later used in Prime during the Dunraven project. The sequences first appearance was August 29th 2013

Dunraven video link

Also, Mind was used in sequences during the Teeth of Hydra in September 2013 around the orignal Cassandra Anomaly which can be seen in Niantic Project files book 1 chapter 11 (ss). Sadly while these sequences pop up in the Niantic Project Files book, there is no context around it other than Carrie Campbells **** in 1218.

The reason i am pointing all of this out is because this is yet another glyph in the monthly glyph challenges that has been spotlighted many times before and far before it was released in our scanner in sequences Nov 2014. It is a glyph that has been used in powerful ways and it is even being used now in Prime. Each challenge makes me think more and more on these glyphs and their history and what more we can find on them.

Having gplus gone means that i most likely missed some of this glyphs other appearances before its scanner release and it means i couldn’t link you to some other amazing studies agents have done with this glyph but hopefully with your help, we can recover more of this history! I really enjoy looking further into these glyphs and i look forward to next months glyph selection. Ill be updating this post if more information is found.

If you are following which glyphs we are getting, here are is the updated list on the possible sequence being made.

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