[Feature Request] Want to change group rule sentences

unagiramenunagiramen ✭✭✭

Thank you for releasing new version (v1.3.1) !

From this version, a user need to agree with a group rule when joining a new group. It's great feature to show rule explicitly. But, I guess different groups need different rules, so it is useful if each group being able to make their own rule and show them when joining it. To put it the other way around, it is bothersome to see exact same rules every time when joining a new group

Of course, the owner should be able to edit rule and members should NOT be able to edit it. There might be a room for discussing whether if admins would be able to do it.



  • These are more terms of use for legal reasons in regards to use of Niantic Chat as opposed to user defined rules. They are there for moderation reasons by Niantic


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