Damage Reports Being Sent to Wrong Email

I am having an issue where my portal damage reports are being sent to my old email instead of my new one and I am not receiving the emails. I have switched over all 3 of my accounts over to the new email (Apple ID, Facebook, and Gmail) and the emails are still being sent to my old email. I am even able to sign onto the Intel map using my new email (the old email doesn’t work on the Intel map anymore) and I still get emails to my old one. The issue remains regardless of whether I’m signed in on my Android or iPhone.

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  • I have the uncanny ability to complain about things right as they’re being resolved 😅 Thank you for this!

  • @Penumbruh This should be resolved now. Could you please check and let us know if it is working?

  • PenumbruhPenumbruh ✭✭
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    @NianticVK Emails are still being sent to the old email. Damage reports as early as Sep 23rd 6:18pm EST are being sent to the old email address

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  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    I've not had anyone attack portals since,

    Did you actually sign out and back into Ingress?

  • @KarM3L I've signed out and signed back in but I didn't close my app (swipe away on iOS) out of fear that I might lose my progress or something. I might try that but I'm not sure what could be causing it to be sent to my old email address. Also, not sure if I mentioned it before, all my accounts (Apple, Facebook and Gmail) are signed into the same email address so originally I assumed that if I only used one of my 3 accounts then I would get the emails to my current one and not my old one but the issue remains the same.

  • Emails are still being sent to the old email address as recent as Sep 24th, 2021 6:50pm EST. Also should be noted that all forum activity is sent to my new email address and it appears that only ingame activity reports are sent to my old email address.

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    I can confirm, sadly @NianticVK this change hasn't effected my damage reports either...

  • NetherLuxNetherLux ✭✭
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    Same here! As recent as 2023/08/20 my damage reports get sent to an email address that is not linked to my account anymore. However, product updates and announcements have been sent to the correct email address for months already… this is quite annoying :-/

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that the issue has been resolved. Not sure what was done but on Jan 31, 2024 at 6:25pm I started getting the Damage Reports sent to the correct email address. Thank you to all that added their input and for those that attempted at resolving the problem. @NianticVK If there is a ticket open with this issue still set to unresolved please feel free to resolve the ticket as this is no longer an issue, thank you for your work as always.

  • Not resolved. Starting Feb 2nd I began receiving damage reports on my secondary e-mail. Even after unlinking that e-mail account from Ingress I still receive mail on that account and not my main one.

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