Kinetic Capsule is not working

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This past Sunday the KC stop working after 2 KC completion.

I have submitted a request via the in-app support. I was told that a NIA team member was going to do a reset. However, the in-app support remains unresponsive for 48 hours!!!

Shouldn't this be easy 'simple' fix. Furthermore, we're underway with the Optima Challenges, a quick reset would be very helpfull. Not much time left!!

In the mean time, I have walked 36 km without KC completions and zero Optima Challenges completion. Can these 36 km be transfer into 18x Optima completion?!

Apparently, this known issue

Device: iPhone 11 Pro

Current OS: 14.7.1

Kinetic Capsule ID: 1BCF6128

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