A request about portals (disliked for sure ;)

As "App feedback" is archived, i am writing again to general posts requesting something for Niantic.

First, i love their game.. is a good game who need improvement, most probably because POGO exists. In the forum we have so much critics but we dont have to forget what we are enjoying playing Ingress and we must be grateful. We are playing for free, they are getting something from us we acept for.. something like a pleasant business :)

My request (and only one sentence) that will not be well received in the forum :P

Keep the portals located in towns or cities and delete the others.

I am sure you can know if a portal is inside a town/city, just simulate a field envolving that portal and if the MUs are less than X it wont be a popular portal.

Portals outside population mostly are:

- white

- useless for gaming but sentimental, thats why we can keep a key or maintain blue/green.

- a evil anchor. pleasant for the owner but a nightmare for agents who not live closer.

Why i am requesting that, i know its so radical.

I think it is a way to avoid a high damage done by spoofers over not easily accesed portals. As i told before, always cheaters will go before the law comes, so its very difficult to completely avoid them (i hope not so).

Other problem is to play under a BAF, permanent BAF usually have anchors outside population.

Matrioska fielding changes the game and there are not so much peoply supporting it, and i understand.

Of course there are others portals inside population with restringed access that must be removed, i am thinking about a quick and simple solution to avoid the problems most important i think we are living.

Agents, what do you think?

dont be so much cruel with disagree, jajajaja.. i will love every comment this post will receive.


  • So.... that goes against the whole concept of "Explore your world". There are many awesome POI that are not located in towns and cities that are perfectly acceptable POI and readily accessible, even if it's remote or not.

    Portals outside population mostly are:

    - white

    In Ingress, maybe, but what about Pogo/HPWU? You have no view of players in that area in other games that might make good use of those POI.

    - useless for gaming but sentimental, thats why we can keep a key or maintain blue/green.

    This is purely subjective to each player. What you may find sentimental, I may use occasionally or regularly. And once again you're limiting your view to Ingress only and not considering that those POI may be heavily used in Pogo and/or HPWU.

    - a evil anchor. pleasant for the owner but a nightmare for agents who not live closer.

    Once more, purely subjective. Ingress is a game of strategy, and doesn't require everyone to have ready and easy access to each and every portal. And again, you have no view of how that would impact other games that might make use of that POI.

    What this seems to be proposing is changing the global portal network to suit your own personal play style and travel capability.

  • I am only talking about ingress portals, about ingress game, if they can split the portal network forget about it.

    i live close to the mountains and i walk a lot outside my town and i enjoyed waking 1h 30m to reach a portal to capture it, so walking is my way of gaming. but i have around agents who doesnt play legal (multiaccount, spoofing).. so.. my 1h 30m of walking is ruined in 5 minutes, and next to that, a new anchor is placed in another mountain.. you can imagine.. the effort must be the same for all agents.. how i can avoid that? i can go to the same place and walk every month, but, every week? not enjoyable.

    if i forget about the problems i just told you, i would not mind if i we have more o less portals and where it be located.

    For me "explore the world" is explore places, if you are trekking, the real trekking you must be enjoying the nature not playing any mobile phone. If you dont visit towns or cities, i cannot imagine how you can be enjoying ingress.

    thanks for reading :)

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