Impervious portal: belonging to no faction and both factions at once

Recently stumbled upon the portal, which on the scanner was visible as neutral [1] and on the Intel - green with only one resonator on it's last legs (no more than 10% of health left). I was not able to neither capture the portal, destroy the ghost resonator or put Jarvis or ADA properly.

After restarting the scanner and the phone, the L8 resonator became visible also on the scanner [2], not only Intel. But never the less, could not either destroy the resonator or flip the portal. Neither ADA or Jarvis was consumed.

After good 20 minutes or so, tried putting fireworks on the portal, and surprise surprise , it changed it's color back to neutral and became capturable. Btw, the portal in question was not destroyable or capturable by at least two more agents using different devices.

The portal in question:,25.228394&z=17&pll=54.736444,25.228394

Last time captured: September 20, 2021 10:38 PM (GMT+3)

My failed interactions: between September 20, 2021 11:40 PM (GMT+3) and September 21, 2021 00:03 AM. Other agents tried a little bit earlier with no luck.

Deployed fireworks at ~00:03 AM.

Portal on the scanner before restart (1):

Portal on the scanner AFTER restart (2):

Trying to use ADA:

Trying to use Jarvis:

My device: CAT S52, Android 10

Running Ingress scanner 2.80.1-5eeb5008


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