Quantum capsules ALL stopped duplicating

Had about 14 Quantum capsules, each each of which had 95-98 items in them. Each was named for its content. I check them daily. About one week ago, i dropped 2 of them, full of items for my fellow player to retrieve. From that point on and until now the 12 remaining capsules stopped duplicating. I mentioned this in the cross faction telegram chat and at at least other players reported that they have had similar problems with Quantum capsules duplicating. Each suggested that if you empty them out and after emptying them they would start working again. This looks like a clear bug! So I emptied the 12 full capsules out dropped all 12 my fellow player who is my partner pick pick them all up so as to preserve them. I had un homme in my inventory and begin to fill them up and name them according to the convention that I have been using. Within 1 hour one of them had duped 2 L8 XMPs. That is a tedious fix and it should not have ever occurred. having done significant software development myself, I believe that the key to this bug fix is that it occurred right after giving 1 or 2 full capsules away. It seems like a database indexing issue. Just an educated guess of course.

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