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  • hek800hek800 ✭✭
    edited September 2021

    In my area, there are not enough agents to run an local on-site event. I therefore have to drive at least 120 kilometers by car to a local IngressFS event. 😥

    For the sake of the environment, IngressFS events should always be virtual or better yet hybrid. I.e. one can participate on-site or virtually, depending on the location of the agents.

    This would be sustainable and save the environment! ☘️🌳🌴🌻

  • For the sake of the environment, IngressFS events should always be hybrid. That is, you can participate locally or virtually, depending on where the agents are located.

    For example, I live in an Ingress diaspora, i.e. flat countryside, so I would have to drive at least 120 kilometers by car to a local IngressFS event. 😥

    Hybrid events would be sustainable and save the environment! ☘️

  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    that was the case before Covid and will be again..... but hopfully not any time soon...

  • For me at least for the present time there are still no players and limited amount of portals scatred every where so when can i get FS ?the way i see it is never and thats just sad

    You should consider getting more players on other countries and more portals or at least make it easier for us to supmit new portals

  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭

    As an organizer, hybrid events give me the shivers. We've had a few pseudo-hybrid events here and it's been a challenge.

    A better alternative might be to have both full in person FS events and full virtual FS events running the same day. Is it safe and legal to have FS in person? Go for it. Do you need or want to have virtual FS? Go for it. Is there an in-person FS in your area but you don't think it's safe for you to attend? FS tourism is fun, go find a virtual FS in another area to attend.

    One thing that needs to relax, though, is the long standing rule that all FS events need to be open to all. Organizers need to be able to limit an in person FS to vaccinated and/or recently tested people (which may imply an age limit), to masked people, to people from within a geographic region, etc.

  • Organizer here as well.

    Niantic downplaying the pandemic is a major safety concern while creating recent events and now consider opening to physical meetups.

    I understand that every region will have varying sensitivities from their local agents, so co-organizers should reach a good decision/compromise in addressing their communities rather than deferring to what the official statement may be after this opinion collection.

  • Feed-back of the game? I don’t understand why the rules are not the same for all ! Why #Niantic didn’t react when more than 8 Enl complaints (in French perhaps?mine was no15119175) about a not player’s fair-play behavior (transgress) during the Enlightened event starbattle October 16, asking for a Ingress fast track request and 3 of those players received a complaint for « inappropriate behaviour »? Who receive the complaints for Montreal, Qc, Canada ? Who’s in charge? I’m so upset I think people in the real life must know what’s the virtual reality.

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