I don’t want to leave the game

greetings, nia. I'll tell you my story. I am an average (by my standards) player, started my journey a few years ago, mastering the basics and becoming a full-fledged agent of ingress. and in recent years I have been actively playing and developing the community in my city, inviting friends and acquaintances. but on duty I was sent to a distant land, to a city of small population. in which there are no portals, but there are a lot of places to install them. Unfortunately, the wayfarer system requires a dubious approval procedure, and in addition to this, there are no active players within a radius of almost 500 kilometers. which greatly complicates the process. Because of this, I, having announced several, in my opinion, worthy nominations, have been sitting idle for more than a month now. the nearest portal is 3 kilometers outside the city, along the highway, and it is not possible to walk there every day. I was forced to come here without much choice. and because of this I lost my hack streak, could not even get the primary event medal, missed fs and ss. in spite of all this, I live as in active cities the number of useless portals like a stone near a house or a playground with one horizontal bar is growing. which are approved and accepted almost immediately. I declared worthy nominations, and for 2 months I have not been able to play. it is very upsetting, and every day, going into the wayfarer with the hope of approval of at least something - I am very upset. it makes me depressed, and most likely I will have to leave the game. please review the policy for approving nominations for low-activity regions. ingress needs to grow and expand, not just stay in big cities. with hope for understanding, sailwithme agent

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