Completely and utterly fed up with both game performance and bugs. [RANT]



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    LOL - still no reply - Niantic do of course realise the longer they let the community stew, the more pissed off people get?

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    Hades Star is a good time waster. 1-2 devs, global game, frequent feedback.

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    Yeah, we do have a community specialist now, but I wouldn't touch these topics with a ten foot pole either.

    I just don't understand what their thought process is here...

  • not everyone has the same problems, i think it depends of the load of server which attends us.

    i have to say i am a core subscriptor and i have to wait sometimes during hacks, attacks or when the app launches but with a little patience i can play successful. i suppose they are working for improving performance of servers.

    this is a free game and if you pay core subscription is for getting what you get, nothing more. i am paying for supporting a game i enjoyed for free, not for items or badges.

    catan is cancelled, ingress still survive, i understand the critics but they are several these days and in my opinion are not fair and doesnt really motivate to nobody.

  • Not everyone, but enough people so that it can be considered a widespread issue. Totally understand performance is certainly one of the most difficult area to debug, but this is not a reason to ignore it.

    I was also a CORE subscriber. I cancelled it simply because if I start to pay for something, I start to expect a certain level of quality. And I think it is normal. Niantic is not a charity. The subscription goes into paying someone's swimming pool, not yours or mine. The quality is not there. So I cancelled.

    CORE subscription is roughly the same as XBox Live + EA game pass a year... If I play Battlefield and I get killed because of a glitch, I will get mad. If that happens every single day, I cancel everything and sell the xbox! I just apply that same logic to Niantic.

  • I understand your situation but CORE cannot be compared to that kind of subscription.

    You dont need to pay to play Ingress, with XBOX you have to pay for the console and for the games, and if you pay for a subscription in which you can play some games for free, what you gain is be able to play, Microsoft is not responsable of bugs or the quality of that games.. if you dont like the games they dont deserve your subscription. I understand if you are angry with Niantic dont want to pay CORE but you still be able to play if you want, for free.. and what CORE gives you is an emblem and items.. it's a simple trade. and investment if you think like me that money will be used to improve a game that probably may have been canceled a year ago..

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    I'd be surprised if they were working on improving performance. Because if so, why not just state exactly that?

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    My theory is they don't respond to "hot" topics in an attempt to avoid escalation.

    If that's the case, its just driving people who care enough to push an issue away from the forum and game.

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    Another local guy was complaining about the slowness over the past week. He doesn't post on the forums because as he claims, there is no point. No one from Ingress will bother to respond to most of the posts (he isn't wrong on that). He says he will just rate the game 1 star and complain about the server problems there. I don't agree with it, but that's his position. He thinks that the 1 star feedback will give them more thought to act on the issue vs the forums, where there is no one to really reply to the problems, despite Ingress having a CGM, XMA's and Vanguards.

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    I’m willing to create a support ticket, but if it has to be a new ticket for every time latency occurs, it will be a day job.

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