Please resurrect Catan: World Explorers

Niantic, I am really bummed that Catan fizzled out. From what I heard from active players, it's a beautiful game. If you were able to buy out other partners and take control of development, it sounds like you could fix the bugs and release the game globally in a month or two with the current feature set. I would be forever grateful.


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    Wrong forum.

    But to reiterate, they knew too late that they diverged too much from the board game.

    The board game is a strategy game, what World Explorers had, was very little strategy, but a focus on farming.

    I too want another pure strategy game to compliment my activities with Ingress.

    Not to forget that we also had Delta-t which failed 2 years ago, which was a wonderful pure strategy game.

    It failed because it couldn't be monetised effectively.

  • Did Catan ever come out of beta? Was it ever released in the U.S. at all?

  • Thanks for the post @Bonzork those disagreeing have no heart. Personally devastated that Catan is over. Beautiful game.

    Ingress is such a buzz **** when you are a single mum of little kids with health challenges and big players on both sides that make your micro fielding dreams ashes.

    Pogo boring - having to stop to capture things that you might not catch - plagued with FOMO

    HPWU - if I have to do another fortress I will go nuts.

    Catan was my jam. The theme the music, the game play. Magic stuff.

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    Yo guy that disagreed with my statement above.... I am an ingress agent. 80million AP thank you very much. 5years continuous as active as I could play while my kid battled eye cancer. I can say ingress is snot when folks play harder than you can meet them because it is.

    Love Ingress but Catan was magic ... And was able fit in more play around my pathetic real life situation than I can in Ingress.

    Obviously I am channeling the anger stage of grief.

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    It’s a shame it never came out fully. But it seemed like the heads of the Catan brand (and maybe Niantic) felt it had diverged too much from the feel of Catan.

    Perhaps Very Very Spaceship can reuse what they have without the Catan branding.

    There’s still Transformers: Heavy Metal & Pikmin App to come this year.

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    lets see how pikmin will be, its rumored to come out this year....

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    I think this was more of a decision from Catan GmbH themselves choosing to not going forward with an official release.

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    Niantic was only responsible for the development of the game. The truth might be hard to stomach but I think it's respectable that Catan decided to not go forward to become "just another Niantic game"

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    How about a Dungeons & Dragons game

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    Niantic were only responsible for the LightShip licensing and probably guidance on creating an ARG. Nerd Ninjas were the developers of Catan World Explorers. Catan GmbH had overall control over Catan, so the current reasoning is that it's more likely they pulled the plug because CWE strayed too far from the original Catan game, and with changes to try and monetise the game (Fabled Harvests) it was getting even further. "just another Niantic game" would have been something Catan GmbH would have aimed for going into the deal in the first place (in order to replicate success of PoGo, and to a lesser extent HPWU).

    Currently Pikmin App is malware on Android. Can't send or receive messages, can't get bank pin's, phone calls don't get through, no notifications. It's a mess how badly the game can **** up a device. Still no update from Niantic Japan (the developers) about it. Will have to wait and see how it goes.

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    Pikmin looks awfully boring from my limited interaction with it.

  • @SSSputnik didn't mind the gameplay very boring but there's a place for that. 'cute grind' leaves higher order of brain for ingress shenanigans.

    Pikmin is very problematic with it's development. The lack of response to the MAJOR PROBLEM with notification delay. Really shook my confidence in the Pikmin development team. So I uninstalled.

  • Love Catan like really really love it. Been playing standard game for over 20 years. Thousands of games.

    Thought Nerd Ninjas did a great job of taking the well formed gameplay of Catan and scaling it up to meet the real world.

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