Optima Kinetic Capsule Tracker

I decided to spend 15 minutes or so making a spreadsheet to track my progress for the event. Then I decided to add features, and it became a much bigger thing. I like charts and graphs so using this will make the event more enjoyable. I'm happy for others to use it as well if they want to.

To use it, at the start of the event enter the number of challenge capsules you completed during phase 1 of the event, as well as your current trekker. Then at the end of each day of the event put in your current value for challenge capsules completed and your current trekker. The left dial should point straight up if you are exactly on track to complete the event with 50 capsules. The right dial will keep moving to the right until you hit 50 capsules.

Here's the link: Optima Kinetic Challenge Progress.xlsx

You wont be able to add your stats until you click File and save a copy. For some reason, some of the graphics don't work on the online version of Excel, but all the functions should be fine.

Also, the left dial will not display properly until the start date of the event, since the time from the start date is currently negative.


  • Thank you @Pangarban don't work with googlesheet and work with freeoffice

  • PangarbanPangarban ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you have been using my spreadsheet, an error has become apparent. In a crucial formula it assumes you need to do 50 capsules for the week regardless of what you did before.

    On the "data" sheet, cell A9 should shoould read:


    And the formula in E9 should be:

    =IF(C4>0,C9/C4, C9)

    (basically remove the -1)

    A good illustration of why IT projects should be tested thoroughly before release! 😅

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