Request: Second Sunday tiered badge

MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭

Second Sunday is cool. It's not Mission Day. It deserves its own tiered badge.

It may be a long time before most people feel comfortable travelling to a Mission Day again, it will be nice to have something people can work on around local restrictions, especially as people start polishing off Onyx First Saturday badges.



  • I dont know about that onyx first Saturday badge, but i do agree, second sunday is not mission day. (Luckily i felt comfortable enough to finally experience a real mission day. So, yeah, not the same. )

    Another badge would be nice. Classic like artwork maybe?

  • kiloecholimakiloecholima ✭✭✭✭

    I'm five away from the onyx MD badge, and honestly don't want to see the MD badge get abandoned again. I'm worried that's what would happen if we have a new shiny object to chase.

    For as long as Second Sunday counts toward the Mission Day badge, I plan to follow the August format and do official MD missions. In my case, having moved to a new area last year, I'm planning to go to all unique sites. This is just my own metagame, but also a possible solution for fellow purists who want to meet higher demands to earn the badge. It doesn't bother me if others take an easier route to do 6 missions.

  • TheAuraStormTheAuraStorm ✭✭✭✭

    What a cool idea. It adds another community day to the month, encouraging travel and discovering new places (Covid Permitting).

    I also agree to those saying that Second Sunday’s aren’t Mission Days. I’ve never done an MD, but the second SS was hyped up to be like an MD, but fell quite flat.

    This could be a fun new thing to add to Ingress.

  • Mission Day, as it used to be, is just not tenable. It needed xfac cooperation (so, only areas with both factions, and neither faction has been creepy). Agents needed to meet with city council, chamber of commerce, visitors center. For each mission designed - professional-quality pictures had to be taken, edited with the MD logo, then approved by Niantic AND the establishments shown in the pictures. Groups from both faction had to man tables to sign in and sign out.

    I know of three places that almost had Mission Days, but they didn't happen. Because of xfac friction, or because only four people were putting time into it, and it was just too much to do, when you also have a life.

    Niantic had released new guidelines for Mission Days, just before the pandemic shut everything down.

    I think they're doing GREAT, adapting to the times.

    Eventually they'll add back anomalies, which take a lot more manpower than Mission Days did. Let the volunteers work on anomalies, and figure out ways to automate Mission Days.

  • I hear the comments about no xfac presence not helping get mission days through, but at the last change xfac cooperation was not required.

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