Discussion between local agents (Possible events)

I make it clear that this is just an idea that originated in a meeting between agents.

I took the liberty of drafting it and writing it here for everyone.

Propose the possibility of buying a ticket to play an event from the past (time travel) not only to be able to get an event medal but also to get the recursion wings to those who have already participated previously, for example:

-If an agent earned the Magnus architect medal, they can buy a pass for this event and relive it and if they managed to deploy the 3113 new resonators, they will get the recurring wings on the medal.

-In another case. A new player likes the medal, he can buy the pass for the event and have a chance to get this medal at any level or even get the medal with the recurring wings if he completes the goal.

The pass will last for 10 days like every Ingress event and will start when the agent decides to start it, but the agent can only activate one event at a time.

Of course:

A difference will be kept to recognize between Agents who played these events in the past and those who played them during the new event (time travel).

The difference will be the order of the medals, although someone who played it before, would participate again to get the recurring wings on the medal, said medal does not move from its position in the scanner.

But an agent who wants the medal as new will appear at the top of the Agent Scanner.

This would not force an Agent to buy, however I am sure many of us would give our money to Niantic. Either to get a new one, or to get a recursion wing on the same



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