Add 48h delay after remove mission in mission creator...

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Good evening,

For #secondsunday, I decided to make a banner. But after 3 missions, the author of the banner deleted all the remaining missions, constantly annoying me. (And also in another banner with 3 missions left...)

To avoid the trolls suffered during a banner achievement, I'd like to ask you a suggestion:

- When a mission is deleted, it has a 48h delay before effective deletion. This especially helps to avoid trolls by mission creators.

- The delay of the deletion is also visible on the scanner (See screen below ), This would help agent allow time to get organized. 

- It will be possible to cancel the deletion in one click, without going through the moderation.

Thank you for your consideration.



  • Trolls is a massive worry of mine when doing a agent’s missions, of the other faction, despite it being the game.

    There are plenty of portals who don’t like “their precious portals smashed”, and may act out of spite.

    I think this is a fantastic idea.

  • Seconded. It is not at all a common occurrence, at least I'd like to think, but as someone who does a lot of missions I have seen this threatened or done before during banners. It's frustrating, to say the least.

    I doubt the time remaining to removal will need to be added to the scanner- at least in the short term- for this to have a positive effect. There is definitely a benefit to that, however rolling out just the change on removal times would likely be much quicker to implement initially.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    I would say make it a week instead of 2 days. This has always been easy abuse for people who make murals for their own benefit and delete them afterwards. I can already point out instances where agents made murals for anomalies and deleted them after they completed them.

  • A day or two makes sense.

    A week does not. I have created missions, then tried to do them, only to find out they are not possible. When I withdrew one, I was glad it was immediate. I didn't want anyone else to get halfway thru it and find out they couldn't finish it.

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