Retrieving missions via intel map

The limits of the missions by area (25) and missions by starting portal (10) are from a day and age where there were far fewer missions out there. When searching for missions on intel on mission dense areas, you are not even guarenteed to get all the results.

Imho the 25 limit could be set higher, but above all, the missions by starting portal should just give the complete list and not be limited.


  • What I really want is a filter on the Intel map, so it'll only show missions I haven't done!

    When we're about to visit a place we've been before (family or toursity) - we want to know ahead of time if there are new missions or banners, so we can plan Ingress into our trip. It just isn't reasonable to expect us to go someplace, open our scanner and check, then drive 7k, repeat.

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