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  • Well, that and spoofing. I'm still pretty new to the game but in my area its not hard to tell which player is spoofing. I thought this game would make hiking more fun but when you hike up a mountain and reach the peak and take a portal, just to see it suddenly taken back while you are still there, well, it definitely makes playing the game less interesting. Sadly Niantic has decided to ignore the overwhelming evidence that was presented on 3 different occasions and allow that one player to pretty much control most of the cell. I'm sure that he has a lot of time on his hands too, but I doubt he travels between portals almost instantly. If the Vanguards just looked at Comms they would know this guy is spoofing, but I get the impression no one cares. People say that there is spoofing in Pokemon Go also but I haven't observed the same level as I've seen in Ingress Prime, and unfortunately in Ingress Prime, spoofing undermines the entire premise of the game, something you could really see if you look at the cell where I live. There will never be large groups of people in my community playing Ingress Prime for any length of time if people can't even hold a field for any length of time or be in anyway competitive against spoofers. It just drives legit players away.

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    Is not a Vanguard job to look into COMMs, they are all voluntary. They are not to be blamed on that!

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    Take screenshots of the captures and then screenshots of the distance between the portals. Definitely report them with all relevant information. Don't let these spoofers get away with this. If they are spoofing they will get banned. Just keep reporting. Good luck.

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    Chasing any specific stat only narrows your mindset (no pun intended). Imagine if the scoreboard changed every other sepicycle on what to use and grabbed from the core badges - fields, links, resos deployed, trekker instead of MU? Or at the very least, keep MU scoreboard but add another stat to use?

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    @MoogModular I like it but the cycle score should be based on playfield stats rather than personal stats.. Instead of MU do 5-hour snapshots of the total portals owned, the total resos on the board, the total number of links or fields that exist at the time... Though to a large extent those are still dependent on the number of players for each faction.

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    That's kind of why I stated core stats, it would be ridiculous with using any of the newer stats.

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    @MoogModular But Trekker, for example, is purely a personal stat. I could be the top trekker in the cell and never do a single thing to further my faction's control of the playboard. I think it's important that the cell score measure the state of the playfield in some way, not personal stats.

    There's a second element to this argument--verifiability. The state of the playfield is visible to everyone... personal stats aren't. People have very solid reasons for keeping stats hidden, and those should be respected. In order to make the region score verifiable if it was based on personal stats then Niantic would have to reveal stats about everyone who participated, including those who choose not to publish their stats. If they don't make it verifiable then in some places it will become a spoofbot competition.

    (And yes, I know MU isn't perfectly visible to everyone but it's reasonably so. I can look at the state of my cell at any moment and see what fields are standing. I can't see how much anyone has walked or how many hacks they've done.)

  • That hasn't worked so far, but you never know. Maybe someday it will. Luckily, I enjoy the hikes and the spectacular views. It makes it worth hanging out up there on the mountain peaks. Aside from that, I hit Level 10 so my Ingress account has some value as far as the nomination privilege is concerned. Even if spoofing wrecks one game, it doesn't really effect the other game too much. Sadly it will definitely keep the numbers of people playing Ingress Prime a lot smaller than the number playing the other game. That's unfortunate. Ingress Prime had the potential to be a fun game but from what I see, Niantic doesn't want to put forth any genuine or meaningful effort at combating spoofing and that has damaged the reputation of the game and limited the number of people wanting to play it.

  • This being the case, I am wondering why they even exist if they serve no purpose.

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    @BattleTARDIS The Vanguards are essentially a brain trust/sounding board for Niantic.

  • That's not how they are represented by Niantic. Doesn't matter, the game is over for me.

  • I wish I could believe that but after posting photos and screen shots of the captures, I believe that Niantic is indifferent to spoofing. The competition has been fun when its fair and I've had some real fun moments with some members of the opposite faction but that's not very often and legit players are very few and growing fewer. Unfortunately today was the last straw when I literally had a portal spoofed while I was still standing there at the portal. That portal, and every portal on that street, spoofed almost instantaneously. I have no reason to believe that anyone will be banned for spoofing and since it undermines the entire game it has ceased to be a game. So you will be happy to know that I have cancelled my CORE subscription and will never again play Ingress. Those who spoof have won the game. Its theirs and the they can keep it. Good job. You won.

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    Please, take a moment to post your experience with support in this thread.

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