Operation Lost in Instanbul

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Sit rep op: Lost in istanbul

The sit rep took a couple of days since more than two countries had to provide the information and the photos.

The beginning:

On 3rd of July, agent rargon is contacted by agent Giannelis through one ring to ask for a possible cooperation between Greece and Turkey. Agents trelonanos and pyrodarts join the party. After a lot of dicussion everyone agrees to run a huge operation and it was agreed to field over istanbul. So operation lost in istanbul is created.

The plan:

We have a meeting on reswue and then the first plan is drawn out by agent pyrodarts, giannelis and trelonanos. Lots of discussion and after careful consideration about the availability of the keys, a meeting is set to exchange keys. Agents rargon and oo7mac arrive on 29th of July to exchange keys on town alexandroupoli. With the keys on hand, agents pyrodarts and trelonanos finish the final plan.

Preparation before the execution:

The turkish team:

August 3 : agent thedeathbox drove all the way from istanbul to izmir, to destroy some blockers and establish resistance links. Agent gambaz35 helped for the links as well

August 3 : agent attalos destroyed several portals in Denizli

August 5 : agent DarthSidious35 took down a blocker in Behram

August5 : Turkish team left around 10 portals to decay for the op.

August 5: agent sis651 went to Kıyıköy to test an enl agent, and he went to kıyıköy next day.

August7: agent specialspy destroyed the portal in Kastamonu.

August 7: agents mngan pyrodarts hincesu sobegobuI destroyed the viamart 3 times in this week.

August 10: agent kitenec killed very important portals in Bulgaria

August 10: agent johnA destroyed a blocker in Ankara

August10: agent mngan drove all the way through Istanbul to Korkuteli (Antalya) destroyed lots of difficult blockers.

August10: agent yolfilozofu destroyed some last minute blockers that were thrown to difficult areas.

August11: We sent passcodes to @linkverin to use jarvis to some portals in Deniz life and he created new blockers.

August11:agent barismert went to bozcaada to take down a critical blocker. Agent pyrodarts drove to Side to **** a blocker, then mngan made a field over Antalya so pyrodarts cleaned whole city of Antalya (almost 40 blokers). Agent mngan also drove to Burdur and took another portal down. Agents ayder and burnfacebrk went to Bolu to take photos unrelated to the op but very relevant.

The Greek TeaM:

August4 : chalkidiki is cleared.

August5 : operation tsikoudia is created by agents @ingMegalinos @greekdiver @zverko @colornokiaand @trelonanos. Thessaloniki is closed by towns Kastoria, Kavala, Domokos to test response time and take blockers down without raising suspicion.

August7: ENL agent captured portal kampanario, the main anchor of our previous operation and linked it with limno creating a blocker.

August8: our blocker on thassos is decayed and agent trelonanos throws a blocker to chrisoupoli

The following days all the members of the North hellenic resistance team fought to win the cycle of Thessaloniki, to make the ENL team be exhausted and not suspect a huge operation with the beginning of the cycle.

August 12: links were sent from the Greek side by agents @garcherp (onyx) @kostasjet @[email protected] @eugeniaki1kis(onyx) @tasoskilkis(onyx) @dtox42 @oo7mac @giannelis @[email protected]

August 12 (Operation day):

specioz @sangarious @sobegobuI began their road to trip from İstanbul to Afyon at 4am.

pyrodarts went to Antalya airport to take blue blocker at at 9.00

ntosko clears random blockers inside kavala city

dtox42 recaptures kampanario portal and destroys the link with limnos.

lazist went to meet with ekintosh to give items then went back to intel

hincesu went to viamark one last time 10.00

KIZIL0RDU and BelegTelperion began to use jarvis in Bergama they used 20 jarvis.

urfundead takes down blocker from corinas lighthouse at keramoti Town.


burnfacebrk in Highway AWM

ayder in Gerede

sanzuman in Edirne

isotrenix in Kıyıköy

cursebringer in Çanakkale

ekintosh in fenerbahçe ordu evi

dreamdark in Lüleburgaz

barismert in Geyikli

mngan in Korkuteli

thedeathbox in Alaşehir and Sarıgöl

ceons and DarthSidious35 in Akhisar and Gölmarmara

p5ych3 and songerhan in Kilyos

urfundead corinas lighthouse keramoti

And first fields came from @sobegobuI

speciouz and sangarios kept going field rest of the Afyon. (31 Layers in total)

While they keep counting, thedeathbox ceons DarthSidious35 drove and clean lots of blockers for Antalya layers while urfundead moves from keramoti to kavala to clear last minute blockers by an ENL agent.

Afyon layers finished at 12.15 and pyrodarts began Antalya layers. He made another 31 layers.

In total we made 62 layers, first layer was more than 12million MU, last layer was more than 18 millionMU, in total almost 900 millionMU. 16 took down before cp, and 8 layers made after cp, so 38 layers to the cp.

I want to point out that four different countries participated in the success of this operation. The biggest work was done by Turkish Resistance team, followed by Greek team while Bulgarian and Serbian team helped on Intel and on block clearance. This shows that resistance is united and fights as one!

Gif of the operation: https://imgur.com/a/WETMvN2

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