Scout Controller inconsistency after portal move.

Portal: Von Baer Park Entrance

Intel link:,-111.808429

Wayfarer Community Move Request:

Story of portal history and current status in-game:

I was browsing intel and noticed I didn't have a scout controller on a portal that I know I have scanned before.

When I get to the portal, I see the familiar yellow circle signifying that I have scout controlled this portal in the past.

I click on the image to start portal scanning and get this message.

After a few seconds, the error goes away and shows that I am the current scout controller.

Scanning the portal again only increases my points but does not correct the issue. The error does not occur on other nearby portals or portals that I have not scout controlled. I believe this issue is unique to me and this particular portal.

History of Wayspot:

While playing Pokemon Go several years ago, I noticed that this pokestop was moved several miles away from the proper location to near Les Schwab and Walmart in southern Logan, UT. I took the opportunity to report and move it back to Von Baer park. My suggested move was better, but definitely not in the right spot.

Several years later (now), while playing Ingress, I took the opportunity to find and scout control this portal. I managed to get within range of the portal and scanned it. Since it was far from the correct location, I submitted a location change through the Wayfarer Community page [Link at the top of report].

My recommended location was wrong, but the wayspot was returned to the proper location. (Good work NianticGiffard)

Interesting bug. It isn't hurting gameplay.

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  • KarM3LKarM3L ✭✭✭✭

    Not that interesting it was discussed at length when the layers launched, and maybe even in the recent thread where @ofer2 discussed the portal history layers....

  • @KarM3L Without some links to similar discussions, I cannot be certain you understand the bug I am referencing. Of the discussions I have read, none seem to quite match. There is a lot of material to sift through, so it would be helpful to cite some sources. That would be beneficial to all who read this thread. If nothing else, I hoped to establish actions taken that generate the issue.

    I am the only player in the area who has ever scanned this portal. I was the first person to gain Scout Controller and have never lost it.

    The portal moved to a new location and now shows that I have not Scout Controlled this portal. This is cool. I figured a moved portal may be considered a new portal and tried to scan it again. I figured this would update the intel map.

    I get to the portal's new location and scan again, and again. I get further Scout Controller points and still show as Scout Controller in the app. Intel Map still does not show Scout Controller. Intel Map does show that I have captured and visited. This seems to be unique to the Scout Controller layer. It also shows a "Scanner communication error." for this portal alone.

    Were there any other discussions showing this specific error or errors similar to this?

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