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August 2021, my partner @ashrun and I were at the bar enjoying our well-deserved retirement and thinking about the good old days of ingress. It was the emotion for those sweet memories or simply the spritz that came to me: let's go back to work and record-breaking, let's bring Abruzzo to the center of the world!

At 11.00 pm on Saturday 4th September 2021 the record operation started: 300+2 Pecoroni (layer)

800+ farmed keys

605 link (+ jetlink)

and ... 302 LAYERS !!!

7 hours to pick up this monster, thanks to the help of these spart...abruzzesi heroes:

@Th3cripter @Trinita1969 @James007lelli heroic on the lighthouse of Giulianova, they held the position and did not disengage from there. They will be remembered in our hearts for their great declarations: "ok, ok".

@CrOdo5 @Ashrun that field after field did the bulk of the work, even in roller blades! without then being able to find the exit from the cycle path.

@Palmer3 who alone on his bike pulled up 68 layers and since it seemed too simple to him he decided to do it with a perforated wheel, Mythic!

@kris4 the last warrior, the one who held out until the last field, ever-present adventure companion, when she answers the phone. We like to remember she like this: "I have to go to work tomorrow morning".

@dedo1911 in addition to the scoundrel of the operators, who with a sly quiet silence managed to lead the whole troop to the success of the work. Operator from the land our sister of sheep has won an endowment of Arrosticini.

And then there is me @donbreda who spent days designing and making keys, only to find myself not making any links or fields because as a real scoundrel I then realized that I had the wrong faction account. Well it will be for next time!

Abruzzo in Olympus #rustellpeopledoitbetter


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