Error. Capsule operation failed.

This error happens several times a day. This can leave you with too many items and you can do nothing but shred items to play. Eventually it fixes itself. Anyone else having this issue? The keys will not load back into keylockers.

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    I am having this issue for the first time I have noticed starting yesterday. I unloaded all my key lockers to clean up keys, then tried bulk loading keys back into them. The first one or two lockers successfully loaded without issue. The next locker resulted in no keys being loaded with no obvious error. Repeating the failed locker again produces the error in your screenshot.

    Today, I find that I can load many keys into lockers as usual, but I seem to be unable to load one or more keys into a locker if those keys were part of my original issue. In other words, only certain keys of mine seem to be "stuck" and unable to be put into a locker. I imagine in a database this would look like records stuck in a state that isn't expected by the application.

  • Having same problem, can not load any keys back into vaults. Deleted and reloaded app, still a no go for the 2nd day of to many keys in inventory.

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