Bonus Location Swap Megathread

Use this thread to swap bonus locations!

Instructions: If you would like to suggest a bonus location for other people: Comment what the area is and why it needs more reviewers.

* If you have a spare bonus location and would like to get more reviews: Look in the comments, and chose a bonus location to set.

*Be sure that the bonus location you choose is outside the reqular review range (believed to be 16 lvl 6 s2 cells from your play area)

*Reply to the comment saying that you have set your bonus location, and mention your location so somebody else can return the favor!

*Send a screenshot that u have set ur bonus location on the other person location to prevent fraud

(I still have my bonus location soo im still available to swap)


  • FYI, your review range is your geopolitical country and neighbouring L6 cell to your current L6 cell if that includes areas not in your geopolitical country. For example Republic of Ireland is 2 cells west and one cell north to me but isn’t in my review range because it’s a different country. Recently I visited Wales which is 1 cell away (Diagonal) from Republic of Ireland and while I was there I got reviews from that area

  • msz21msz21 ✭✭✭

    Just wanted to mention it would be better if this would be stickied or else it's going to be similar to the other ones posted on the forum. You might have better luck checking out the stickied bonus location thread on the IngressOPR subreddit since its had a thread to swap bonus locations or ask for reviewers since months ago.

    Until we get proper moderators checking even this post, people won't be utilizing it too much for now in regards to swapping locations.

  • EngrishEngrish ✭✭✭

    I posted on the reddit page and I will post here too, I need OPR reviewers assistance. Currently stationed at Palmer Station, Antarctica on Anvers Island with many portals in portal review limbo. There are also other areas nearby waiting to be reviewed as well. The big problem is that the Antarctic Peninsula is just too far from any town and city for these to be seen and properly reviewed. Many stations, like mine, are visited time to time by cruise ships and visitors are allowed onto the station to sightsee. Many stations have unique murals, sculptures and other fascinating buildings and complexes. There are players who are able to use Ingress down here from all over the world. Thanks if any help is given.

    Long - Lat

    64.775788, -64.049969

  • HenriTinyHenriTiny ✭✭
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    Hi guys (Sorry for my english, Google Translate Inside)

    I live in Africa in Ivory Coast in Abidjan

    - Abidjan

    - AF08-KILO-00

    - 5.361417, -4.008515

    We have only 22 portals on 2119 km² (818 miles²) for about 5 million inhabitants.

    I think I'm the only local agent to have the level 10. Even helped, it was not easy, I think my life expectancy decreases by trying to reach this level 10 🤢. It allowed me to meet European and Asians players come for work or for holidays.

    It would be really cool if you could review the portals that we propose.

    in Abidjan we do not have many monuments but we have popular places where locals gather, churches, mosques.

    Informations you need to know.

    - The titles and the descriptions of the portals that I proposed are in French I hope that it will not discourage you. I will publish new portals in English now. (It's an opportunity for you to learn a little new language 😉 )

    - There is no Street View. I often do photospheres when I can. In my city people don't like being photographed, which makes photospheres take longer to do. So please be indulgent.

    If you can put a like on this post in case you set your bonus location on abidjan I will really appreciate.

  • Hello everyone! I do not know if I am in the right section (I think so), I wanted to know if someone could help in my area doing OPR, because there are few players doing OPR and some that do not directly. Thanks and any information where I should post this tell me.

    • Location: El Carmen-Jujuy
    • Country: Argentina.
    • Coordinates: 24°23′15″S 65°15′33″O / -24.3875, -65.25916667


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    Hi guys, in my city we really need some help, we have no portals in kilometers and is so hard to enjoy the game this way. Here we did a lot of submissions, but all of them have been in the limbo for more than a year, because here we dont have reviewers.

    Just in my city we did more than 600 submissions and the other citys surely has a similar number, we have been working hard choosing the right candidates, so there's no trash submissions.

    City: Nicoya

    Coordinates: 10.142940, -85.454051

    Country: Costa Rica


    Hope you could help us. Regards.

  • kenbeimerkenbeimer ✭✭
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    I haven't set a bonus location yet. Just wondering, are there English speaking countries that need help? (perhaps Dutch)

  • AgentB0ssAgentB0ss ✭✭✭✭✭

    Would be so grateful if you set your location to Mount Holly North Carolina NC USA. I can provide an exact address if needed. We literally have portals outstanding for over 6 months that have not been approved or denied and would use all the help we could get in reviews.

  • That sounds like The Netherlands before 2018. Some took over a year back then.

  • s3w2s3w2 ✭✭✭
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    A couple of players in Portugal are visiting some Portuguese-speaking African countries. They have visited Cape Verde and Angola. They're both L12 and do OPR on a regular basis.

    They have engaged with a few local players who due to the lack of portals are stuck in low levels and can't grow the portal network or the player base.

    As an example, a portal in Angola is taking 2 years to get approved!

    A few of us, from our Portuguese XF TG chat have moved the bonus location to some of these countries. Submissions vary in language as most of the submitters are tourists. Would be great if some of you would join us in this effort in bringing these portals to life.

    I'm asking help for African countries like Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Saint Tome and Prince and others.

    Location can be set on the capital of these countries and you'll get most of their territory.

    Thank you all.

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭

    Can you give the exact list that needs help other than already mentioned?

    I still have my bonus location available. Would be refreshing to swap or to help out for a year. I hope there are others like me, too.

  • s3w2s3w2 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for your interest!

    Country: Angola

    Location: Luanda

    Coordinates: -8.826870, 13.244003 (bear in mind that Luanda is by the Ocean, on the West. This means that it would be better if the pin would be moved to the East so the review area won't be wasted - You'll get some candidates with 0,0 coordinates to review!)


    Country: Cape Verde

    Location: Sal Island

    Coordinates: 16.734288, -22.943096 (You'll cover the whole archipelago and maybe some nearby countries)


    Country: Mozambique

    Location: Maputo

    Coordinates: -25.953494, 32.552819 (You'll probably get submissions from nearby countries)

    These are just a few of the Portuguese-speaking African countries that could need your hand.

    Thank you!

  • Qu4rdQu4rd ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019

    Will ping you ingame once I selected one of those three and changed it, but that would be after September ends.

    Consider this taken. ^_^

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