Possible Tessellation Breaches and Their Impacts on Future Events

DISCLAIMER: the following is not canon (unless Niantic wants to secretly use this for a new storyline). These are my predictions based entirely upon things I have noticed.

I was glyph hacking one day, and noticed that many of the messages seem to promote division between the two factions. We can infer that these messages are from the exogenous, given their attitudes towards cross-faction cooperation (Citation: the destruction of the Vesuvian MAGNUS). This leads me to believe that the Tessellation bars the exogenous from our node, but does not hinder their ability to communicate through the portals, possibly due to the 60 or so Tesserae that Nemesis managed to place correctly.

This insight leads me to my prediction: over time, as these messages become more prevalent and as Nemesis becomes less of a concern, we will see the rise of various “cults” devoted to the exogenous. These, of course, are being manipulated by said exogenous, possibly to reconfigure the Tessellation from the inside to allow the exogenous in. It is unclear wether these groups would be centralized or not; on the one hand, those in which XM incites paranoia would stay away from traceable, online communications. But on the other hand, the exogenous may manipulate multiple groups into merging. I suspect that the latter conditions would be requisite for these groups to be considered any kind of threat.

I am interested to know what you all think.



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