portal accepted but not on intel map.

As the title says. I got an email this morning about one of my portal submissions being accepted but it is not on the intel map. It isn't too close to any other portals either. I did not get a key but I got the AP.



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    yeah this is something new apparently its not guaranteed the poi u submitted from ingress will even appear to ingress even if no 20m rule problem. check if its live in pokemon go and harry potter.

  • Great...

    Unfortunately I don't live near where its submitted as I was visiting a friend when I submitted it, so will have to get a **** to check later.

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    okay but sadly thats how it is now, funny all my latest has gone live to ingress so idk what is the exact reason some poi dont appear to ingress....

  • i just realised it censored f riend why is that censored

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    I agree but those that have submitted and it dont appear its hard say why it didnt go live to ingress but pogo.. very strange indeed

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    I know there was some sort of note from Niantic about this, but I thought it was more of a, hey, there will be a delay in your nominations, it could be up to a month.

    Has there been anything from Niantic specifically about why a nominated poi might make it into PoGo but not make it to Ingress? Or the usual mystery games until we crack the code?

    Im definitely less inclined to nominate POI if there is no benefit to “my” game, as-in Ingress. And I know there isn’t always a guarantee to begin with, but…

  • Nothing specific from Niantic about this issue. The replies Niantic has given don't seem to quite tackle this particular issue.

    At the Wayfarer community forums it is speculated that this happens when a nomination is approved my Niantic (and not by the Wayfarer community). No explanation however about why those do not end up in Ingress. Must be a sync bug of some kind.

    And yes, there has been quite a lot of examples like this.

  • My portal "Der Eisenmann" in Darmstadt, which was accepted on 24 August, appeared in the game 11 days later, on 4 September.

  • Had another portal accepted today and it’s not in Ingress. I honestly can not see the point in anyone submitting now if they aren’t coming into the game we are playing even when it tells us it’s been accepted. I won’t be submitting anymore until they have sorted this problem out.

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    Has anyone devised the mechanics behind this? Everything I've submitted so far has popped up correctly but I'm hearing about this so often that it seems widespread but for what reason?

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    I think there was some speculation that these are being reviewed differently, possibly by Niantic themselves. I believe some eventually show up in Ingress later.

    So yeah, don’t really know much, but hoping we can get some answers soon. Seems pretty straight forward, ask the lightship team why this happens and then report the findings here, but going on a week now and apparently this is still confidential information or something… No one can answer why a specific nomination was reviewed differently than another, I’m completely baffled.

  • These threads shed some light on the subject. Not sure if it's the answers that some are seeking here.



  • @Zenn

    The speculation is that it is related to Niantic reviewing that particular submission.

    There are reports that the nomination goes missing from the list in your wayfarer - this didn’t used to happen.

    So that nomination is not only removed from the normal queue and voting stream but also the list.

    It was confirmed on wayfarer that this means Niantic are reviewing that stop.

    It appears back on the list when you get the decision email.

    So it goes into the approved lightship database

    But they don’t appear to be able to be recognised correctly to be transferred to Ingress.

    Suspect something in that different review process is either leaving a bit of code on the point or not putting on the correct approved and new code for ingress to pick it up.

    All the examples in The bug report thread should have helped pinpoint by now. We can but speculate.

  • My total 11 accepted submissions are still pending in Ingress to be portals. There isn't any portal near by at this moment. Just make it back ,the way Ingress used to be. Why are we getting messed up after each update? This game is making the player experience degrade after each update.

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