Problems occur when moving portal keys to the key locker all at once

pk4rpk4r ✭✭
edited August 2021 in Anomalies

If you move the portal key to the key locker all at once, the following problems will occur. SE sound malfunctions About 40to 50 When you move the portal all at once, the confirmation button to the key locker disappears and you cannot access it. When portal recharge is performed, it may freeze on the portal details screen. If you force restart by task ****, it works normally, but the same phenomenon occurs, so you need to fix it immediately.

We have also confirmed a problem with the NL1331-X avatar, and when you tap it, it becomes heavy at the same time as the sound, or when you perform remote action recharge, the application freezes completely, so it is still impossible to use it as an avatar. I have.

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