Blocking player comms?

The advice Niantic gives when reporting player for questionable comms messages (TOS brechs/cheating) is to block them in comms - how does this makes sense?

If player continues to spam, swear, threaten etc in comms - how does blocking them allow for reports to be made?

How does blocking them stop the behaviour, or prevent their trolling with misinformation or bullying?

Blocking them does not prevent TOS breaches it only hides it & restricts the community from being able to see & minimise damage that player inflicts on others.

There has to be a better way other than hiding from it or pretending it does not happen.

With Niantics upcoming Messaging integration this will increase (if players use it) & active moderation (by real people who can actually action it) of behaviour of comms will be needed


  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭

    The suggestion is to report it THEN block the person. Multiple reports by the same person doesn’t help, as it can be used as a targeted method for griefing (and it still is in some areas of the world with enough single-faction agents). As said before and in TOS and reporting, the number of unique Agents who have blocked a person in Comms does play a role in determining if, when, and what actions are taken. If people aren’t blocking the Agent in question then it’s not going to be taken as seriously. If you don’t block the person and continue to let them egg you on then your reports lose credibility. And, if you respond to their messages it’s even worse. As Niantic has said, as soon as you enter discourse with the agent in question you too could face actions against your account.

    Report, block, and move on. If the reports are valid and enough people report and/or block the person then (eventually, optimally) actions will be taken against the offending Agent.

  • I get the sentiment, my comment & concern is that if it were to escalate how could action (ie, seperate incident report or ring police) be taken?

    Also how do additional reports happen in areas with low player count or sporadic activity? My local cell has fewer than 6 active players. Half of those are casually active, some have comms off etc. What happens there? is player density taken into account (doubtful).

    And is not each breach of TOS taken based on it own merits or context,

    I'm not trying to report anyone, or have, only trying to establish reasoning & gaps in the sentiment & wording of TOS.

    It has to make sense, be easy to use (by all age groups & levels of knowledge) or it won't be used or be relevant to any one.


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