Only got an island? Use the maximum!

So I first never thought that I would ever write a SITREP to this "I'm bored" project, but after some players actually told me it got national attention, I decided to write a little bit.

Every year in summer, I am on a small north sea island named "Amrum". For those who might know me, I'm a well-known wayfarer. So I spend most of my time seeking and submitting new Wayspots for the Portal network. However, the small island had perfect wayfarer/OPR prioritization, so there was no need to do more than submitting. So I started to collect a whole bunch of keys for a nice fan field.

Every day, I went out to my anchor portal to hack until the limit of hacks to collect a lot of keys. In the end, I had around 200 Keys. I used a Fan field plugin to create gigantic lists of Portals and needed keys for my field.

My first plan was to use every single Portal of the island for the field. So a 100% maxfield for the area. But more about why this didn't work out for me later.

So after farming for over a week and bounding for four days, my field was finished:

After using around 500 keys, my field was finished. Great view from the last Portal needed to complete the cycle:

I used around 1.400 resonators for the field. After recycling a lot, I managed to get enough space to farm around 200 L8 resonators before moving to the island.

The total AP gain of the field was over 1.5 million. It was a great but super stressful OP.

Why didn't my plan to link all Portals of the island work out?

That's a pretty simple question. There are multiple answers for it:

  • Many portals were in bad spots for building. The island is known for its beautiful nature. To protect this, many areas of the island are only reachable by foot.
  • Portals in bad spots. Many Portals would require a high amount of time to get to them. Also, the island doesn't have a good internet connection. Playing in some areas is impossible. This Portal is not reachable in any way (The local government blocked the old little path).
  • Long time Portals. There are a few of them which I didn't want to flip. Luckily, this only caused problems once
  • Missing keys and time. Some portals which were in bad-connection-areas were hard to play so I couldn't get enough keys. This was the case in the northwest part of the field.
  • I'm a Wayfarer! Of course, I used the high prioritization of the island to submit a lot of new Portals. In total, a number of 49 (21 nominations every 14 days + help of two local Pokemon GO friends) new Portals for the island. Some of them got involved, some of them not.

What was the biggest struggle?

For one portal, I needed to go in a 45 minute trip by foot. I needed mir keys than I could normally get with one vr Multi-Hack. However, I decided to use a Portal fracker for the first time. It helped me getting more keys than needed.

Why not posting this instantly?

The island doesn't have an active player of any team, so it was a perfect playground for me. My anchor held 182 links and 340 fields. The AP gain was almost 300k AP. Of course, this would be easy AP for spoofers. So I decided to stay quiet for a bit.

Was it worth it?

For me, definitely. I never saw a Fan field with more than 100 links. Now, this is a personal record for me. Even though it was not perfect, it once again showed me how much fun working for something is. Maybe, I can try a perfect one next summer. For an "Im bored" project, it worked out totally great.

Any other words to say?

Yes. This is my first time writing a SITREP. Hope it is not super bad xD



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