Location edits makes Wayspots disappear from the Intel/Wayspot still exists in all games

I edited this Portal via the Wayfarer Forum and now it just disappeared from the Intel.

The Portal still exists in Ingress, as well as in other Niantic games:

The Portal disappeared around 3-4 days after it got edited.

Coordinates of the Portal: 53.613714, 10.114982 (Intel)

Hope this can get fixed. I still need to check what happens when you link that portal.

In case this is a duplicate post, please let me know. I already talked to other wayfarers about that bug, so someone might have been faster than me.

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  • The remote Portal view is also broken. The Portal is shown at the old location.

    Problem is that my next Wayfarer Upgrade is marked on a nomination that would be too close to the old location and would go to waste. Anything to do?

  • The portal is back on the intel but at the old location

    Now, I will get in trouble with my next wayfarer update. In case a Nia mod is reading this, it would be super important to get the portal back on the correct spot to not waste my next upgrade.

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