Dear developers, please fix the Russian localization of the game.

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The translation of the game has not been completed. Here's a clear example from a profile.

We look up and see the names of the faction in two languages. Enlightenment in English and resistance in Russian.

Below we see a button outside of which the text got out.

Some words have been cut off. Here's an example with a word in the bottom menu. Correctly write Расстояние and the menu says Расстоян.

Bottom right corner. The text has crawled out of the button and yellow numbers are visible on top of it.

And here is the same problem, the text crawls out of the button.

One faction has been translated into Russian, the other is not.

Vertical bar on the right and words from the tabs overlapping each other, upper left corner.

Training menu. This is a separate issue. From the top left, the text will overlap the ornament.

The upper right text contains a symbol similar to the crossed out letter O, which does not exist in Russian. And the text that is meaningless to the reader and is translated like this: "absolutely / NIA. Transmission is allowed only by". By what? And what does that first word with a crossed out letter at the end mean?

Below we see the red heading which literally translates as "for personal". For personal what? Use? storage? Look for a clue in the red ornament.

Again, the same meaningless red heading text.

I do not know who and how recruited beta testers, but they did not see this mess. And one more thing, do not be afraid to ask the players how this or that word is translated correctly, how best to shorten abbreviations, how to convey the meaning of a sentence more logically, and which of the chinonyms is better to use.

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