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In Texas we do things differently and we decided that in ongoing #MeetYouOutThere challenge we will make our own #FieldYouOutThere challenge. Plans were hashed, keys were farmed and exchanged and today 20+ agents strong went out there to make a field. A big field. In tune to 5.8 millions/layer field. All 22 of them.

Operation was as smooth as you could get, everyone got in their positions on time, and throw started a bit after 2:20 PM Local time. Throwers did beat their allocated time by 10 minutes and the wait began to the checkpoint. After longest 10 minutes in agent's history, the CP arrived and TX team clocked in impressive ~130 millions MU to the global score covering Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin in 22 layers of green.

3 Agents got their newly minted Onyx Illuminator badges @Corleogne @Enderwatcher100 and @w1gster . Congratulations to them, it feels to good to have it in black.


  • Congrats on an awesome op!

  • I am so proud of our team!!! Y'all- each and everyone are amazing!!! In our operator is the smoothest guy on the planet!!! I am so glad to call you my ingress family. 💚

  • Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this! Smooth moo!!! And the timing was fantastic--got me out of town to get the extra valuable uniques! Thanks again to everyone who put time into this: thoroughly enjoyed!

  • roarexroarex ✭✭✭

    Looks like fun! awesome job!

    keep up the good work!

  • It was a great time, thanks for inviting me!

  • Congrats everyone!

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