Selected resonator highlight disappears after using cube to top up XM

When recharging a portal, if you have a single reso selected, top up XM with a cube and return to the recharge view the reso will still be logically selected, the circle will exist on the reso in the background but the rectangular ornament will be gone.

At this point the circular and rectangular yellow highlight are present on the foreground and background reso.

While topping up XM I can still see both highlights.

Having closed the XM topup screen the charge button is still reflecting the fact there is a targeted reso selected, the background circle highlight is still present, however the foreground highlight has disappeared as seen above. If you press to charge the single reso it does still only recharge the one reso so the bug is just in the refresh of the highlight on the foreground reso.

App version 2.77.1-9cbf94fc

Running on Android on Samsung Note 20 ultra.

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