Disabling Android system gestures on glyph screen

I found two topics (1, 2) regarding this in general discussion and archived app feedback without any response from developers, so I figured I'll re-raise this here:

Android from certain version allows using swipe gestures instead of virtual home/menu/back buttons at the bottom of the screen. However, it's very easy to accidentally trigger the 'back' gesture (swipe from left or right edge of the screen) during glyphing. Android luckily offers an API to disable system gestures in certain areas - (View|Window).setSystemGestureExclusionRects, so I'd love if you could implement this in a future version, because it messes up my glyph hacks quite regularly

A good blog post about this: https://medium.com/androiddevelopers/gesture-navigation-handling-gesture-conflicts-8ee9c2665c69

I'm using Realme 7 with Android 10 (Realme UI 1) and running Ingress 2.77.1-9cbf94fc.

Thank you so much for all your time and work

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