Summary of Research: The 13 Magnus

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In my attempts to follow Operation Essex's investigations, I've tried to go down plenty of rabbit holes to make as much sense of a history I have not been present for all of, and recently, one has come up that I felt I could summarize for the new community: the 13 Magnus, and their archetypes. I can't yet link, but below is a summary of the research I've found, and why it's important to the investigation. Also, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about any of this or leave information out!

What is it?

Put simply, a Magnus is a group of 13 specific individuals, all with the skills capable of accomplishing any given task, usually, but not necessarily, in relation to XM. It has had historical significance in the investigation of the NIA, with many groups being named a Magnus by the community and researcher.

The Archetypes

A Magnus consists of the following archetypes:

The Catalyst, who causes changes and brings out the potential hidden within others.

The Explorer, who goes out of their way to find and uncover what is hidden to others.

The Dreamer, who's hopes for the future can inspire others.

The Alchemist, who can transform themselves or others

The Spiritualist, who can change what is otherwise intangible

The Omniscient, one who has a nearly limitless access to any and all information

The Interpreter, who can find a meaning where others cannot

The Trickster, who can change others perception of reality

The Skeptic, who questions all and causes the group to re-evaluate what may be wrong

The Listener, who can perceive what others may not

The Visionary, who's visions can clarify what the group may not otherwise see

The Humanist, who has the ability to perfectly leverage other's human instincts and awareness

The Patron, who can compel the group to form.

Reading these, it can be obvious why a group of these specific people could come together to surmount otherwise insurmountable tasks, and lead to great achievements where others may not be able to. Each member can lean on the others to form a wholly functional and skilled group.

The Original Magnus

The original Magnus are the group of the following individuals from the 1218 universe, who's combined skills led to the evolution of the Ingress scanner, and XM manipulation as we know it, at the Niantic project. They are made up of the following people:

Catalyst - Devra Bogdonavich; Explorer - Hank Johnson; Dreamer - Roland Jarvis; Alchemist - Oliver Lynton-Wolfe; Spiritualist - Stein Lightman; Omniscient - ADA; Interpreter - Carrie Campbell; Trickster - Misty Hannah; Skeptic - Martin Schubert; Listener - Enoch Dalby; Visionary - Victor Kureze; Humanist - Yuri Alaric Nagassa; Patron - Ezekiel Calvin.

Why does this matter? Because the stake of our future depends on having a Magnus to move forward. Without one piece, the group may not be able to accomplish certain tasks, or anything at all, which could lead our race as a whole to a particularly bad position, particularly regarding the case of Nemesis, who has done their best to reduce the effectiveness of the Magnus of the Prime Universe (they are known as an Anti-Magnus)

Their existence has led to the Prime universe's loss of the following Magnus:

The Listener, Enoch Dalby, who was Carrie's closest confidant. His knowledge may have been useful to help translate the language of the Nemesis.

The Spiritualist, Stein Lightman, who's connection to the intangible has led to the translation of countless glyphs

The Interpreter, Carrie Campbell, who was killed with a form of knife on a video put online. This is notable because the moment she was killed, after following the last two capable of translating languages related to Shaper Glyphs, Nemesis began speaking to us in their glyph sequence.

The Alchemist, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe, who went out on his own terms. He has had a hand in creating all the tools used in our scanners, and without him, we may lack an effective XM weapon to fight with.

The Explorer, Hank Johnson, who's memories and explorations may have been key knowledge to help fight Nemesis.

This leaves us in an uncomfortable spot, as only the following members of the Prime Magnus are remaining:

The Catalyst, Devra Bogdonavich

The Omniscient, ADA

The Dreamer, Roland Jarvis

The Patron, Ezekiel Calvin,

and the Trickster, Skeptic, Visionary and Humanist, all of which have yet to be confirmed in the Prime universe (as far as I am aware).

What are your thoughts on this? What position do you think this puts us in as both researchers and protectors of this universe, in regards to the upcoming anomalies and foreseeable future?

Also, thanks to Essex and all who have helped me compile this information!


  • docwho2100docwho2100 ✭✭✭

    And now Calvin may be gone as well.

  • Being a fellow Catalyst is why in spite of differing faction I am drawn to Devra and her activity..

  • LiadinLiadin ✭✭

    I imagine that all of us can identify with one of the archetypes (maybe more than one). The Interpreter suits me. I seek to understand the messages, what is behind them and what they mean for humanity and our ability to create and grow. Perhaps in the days to come, we all should step into one of the roles. By working together, Resistance and Enlightened, we can face any threat and humanity can continue to thrive.

  • What about previous Magnus? Do they used the same archetypes or there could be more?

  • The Catalyst of Prime Magnus is Victoria Kureze

    @SmurfHunter we need to update the info

  • i believe here are only these 13, and each Magnus is made up of 13 Sensitives, & must be one of each of the Archetypes.

    13 Magnus is Cross Faction, while the Anti-Magnus is all Resistance. Someone please correct me if I got anything wrong.

  • tkh7tkh7 ✭✭✭

    Incorrect. From what I understand, Anti-Magnus is actually Nemesis, not Resistance. @Blightfang

  • ArkFangArkFang ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited January 2020

    Nope, the Anti-Magnus is the all-Resistance version of the all-Enlightenment’s 13 Magnus. It’s been known long before Nemesis was introduced. The Anti-Magnus was developed to oppose the 13 Magnus and the Shapers, with Anti-Magnus lead at one time by Jahan before her downfall. She mentioned Anti-Magnus in a few of her videos on the Ingress YouTube channel, as well as more recently in one of the side-story episodes of Operation Ko Lan. I can’t find the specific video though.

    13 Magnus is all ENL, and Anti-Magnus all RES

    More recently a lot of people have been calling the xFac Magnus of people in the Bubble the Niantic Magnus or Researcher Magnus.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    For the current Osiris node, this is what we have for our Magnus:

    • The Catalyst - Victoria Kureze
    • The Explorer - Hank Johnson
    • The Dreamer - Yuri Nagassa
    • The Alchemist - Oliver Lynton-Wolfe
    • The Spiritualist - Stein Lightman
    • The Omniscient - ADA/Wendy
    • The Interpreter - Carrie Campbell
    • The Trickster - Misty?
    • The Skeptic - Martin Schubert
    • The Listener - Enoch Dalby
    • The Visionary - Roland Jarvis
    • The Humanist - Devra Bogdanovich
    • The Patron - Ezekiel Calvin

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