Vanilla Forums Reactions Update?

As noted at the bottom of the page, Ingress/Wayfarer/Harry Potter: Wizards Unite forums all use Vanilla Forums for their forums.

These seem to work well for our communities but I’ve done a bit of poking around to see what changes could be made and I saw that we could have different reactions across the different forums

Keep it to the usual four that we have, unless people want more activating. They’re fine.

But it would fit better with the Communities if instead of Insightful on the Ingress forum, you could vote “SoftBank UltraLink” or “Avada Kedavra” for Disagree on the HPWU forums instead. Some small tweaks and little icons to make the forums feel more like their own place.

Just wondered what others would think too and if there’s any other ideas to improve the forums.


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