Kinetic Capsule not working after FC


After a faction change my account was set back to zero and even my KC was reseted to zero progress.

I've looked forward to L4 but it's still not counting any progress even as the SBUL- program is still set (before the FC).

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  • Sorry to hear about that, @heinz0900! Please submit a ticket via In-app support. One of our agents will look into this. Thanks!

  • Hi @heinz0900 - I believe this may have been resolved for you already but I wanted to follow up; can you confirm your Kinetic Capsule is now working?

  • It's working! Since about 12h. So happy to take part in the Optima Kinetic Challenge.

    "Just in time"- delivery, Nia.

    Thanks for your time to go into it. And thanks for your question about it now @NianticThia . I feel really comfortable with your customer service, especially as it seems like my personal problem.

  • @heinz0900 Horray! I will close this and mark it as resolved. You may still get a note from Support as well.

    Have fun with the Optima challenge!

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