[2.77.1] Shard info cannot be scrolled

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That's one hell of a low priority bug if I have ever seen one (assuming no shard games are planned in the near future)

Originally discovered by @Shooters42

Prime introduced a small help text that is displayed on portals with shards on them, informing the player of the standard shard game rules. The French translation is too big for the box, and when trying to scroll, it goes back up again. While the English version doesn't have this problem as it fits into the box, I assume adding a paragraph or two would reproduce the same bug, as well as using other languages.

Some shards are stuck around the world on portals and never got removed after their event, like this one in Lyon. If you have one of those near you, you can reproduce this by changing your phone language into French, tap on the portal with the shard, tap on the shard info top left, then on the (i) on the right and finally try to scroll.

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    Now that active Shards became a thing again, I can confirm this bug with a German language example (klick gif below to see the bug in action):

    You can scroll up to read the rest of the text that is not displayed, but taking a screenshot with the end of the text isn't possible. The text "snaps back" to the original position as soon as you don't "hold it in place" any more.

    And another random observation: looking at the explanation in split screen doesn't help either, it just minimizes the complete text box with the text inside, instead of re-scaling the text/textbox. (For comparison, the News in the News tab DO rescale in splitscreen, which is great! 👍️)

    Also, battle beacon score info may overlap the explanation text/text box.

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