This is just a theory born out in left field. I could be totally wrong. But I have never been one not to throw myself out there no matter how crazy the theory may be.

So a discussion in Essex on June 4, 2019, was had between several investigators about Klue and ADA. It was a rather interesting conversation in that @Ishira was speculating about how it was actually Klue, and not ADA, who benefited from the construction of Dunraven.

We know that in the 1218 universe, ADA ingressed into Klue becoming one entity that we then called Klada. Sometime later, for what ever reason, There were separated, mostly. There is, or was, a part of Klue in ADA and ADA in Klue. This has always been know. There was never any dispute.

During the Dunraven journey, we discovered that, not only was ADA Dunraven, but that Klue, or a fragment of Klue, was still within ADA. Klue knew she needed to get out and she knew who to contact to get the help she needed. She got a body to run around in, Wendy. and in Essex it was speculated that Klue had more control than she was letting one.

Then we met Nemesis. They had figured out how to stop recursion. They were attacking and sharding the Prime Researchers. They have a plan and it seems nothing can stop them. At least, nothing we've found has the potential to stop them...yet. They have an agenda. And with how they are attacking the researcher, it seems to have motive. An anger unmatched. Almost as if they are seeking vengence for some wrong that was committed against someone. And I think I know who that someone is.

I agree with @Ishira Klue did benefit from the Dunraven project. How much she had to do with the building of the Dunraven, I don't know. but I do believe she used it to her advantage.

Now this is where my strange, out of this world, theory comes into play. What if Klue is Nemesis? She has the motive: ADA, Jarivs, Calvin, RES, ENL, Shaper and N'zeer, has something part to play in her being where she is today. Her life would definitely be different has it not been for Calvin's Magnus. Has anyone wondered why we haven't seen Prime Klue? She was obviously offered the same opportunities as 1218 Klue. But she didn't take the chance. But our Klue could still be angry. She could truly hate Niantic and the EXO and the factions what the games that were played on her life and mind.

Then we get to opportunity. She knows how to RPE. She's doing it now with Wendy. She has access to a tecthulhu (the Dunraven Project), She knows, because she was a part of ADA, how to stop recursion.

I know. I'm probably wrong. 1218 Hank trusts her. Jarvis trusts her. But I don't think we can turn our backs on this theory.


  • docwho2100docwho2100 ✭✭✭

    Is there some way, some litmus type test we could do to prove/disprove your idea? What might we look for to help follow this potential theory?

  • wikkedimpwikkedimp ✭✭✭

    If she is Nemesis? I don't know. I mean, the Klue that is in Wendy is a bit more upbeat than I remember her to be in all her videos, but I have never met her so I can't be sure that is how she is in person.

    The Klue we knew in 1218 is not the Klue we know in Prime, but this can be explained away by her only being a part of the whole of Klue. Everything I've suggested can be explained away by coincidence.

    I guess we just watch, as I don't think we have seen the last of Klue or Nemesis.

  • It's possible that Klue knows how to RPE or ingress into Wendy because she learned it from ADA being part of her for so long since she first showed the glyphs to Klue?

  • wikkedimpwikkedimp ✭✭✭

    That is what I'm thinking.

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