[Feature Request] Add a limitation of issue Group Invitation Code for "Private Group" to admins

SuZ912SuZ912 ✭✭✭✭

First, thank you very much for such communication tool.

I really expecting that Niantic chat will be the successor to Google+ Ingress Communities and I hope we can form/relocate local Ingress faction-limited communities on this tool.

My Request is Adding a setting of "Allow Invite Friends to members" or "Limit Invite Friends to admins”.


- Any member can invite other users to groups, even to Private Groups.

- The invitation codes are different by issuers and no one can revoke the codes.

- Once the invitation code leaked, no one can prevent unexpected intrusion.

- Intruders can enter and leave the group as many times as they like using the same invitation code, as long as they are not banned.

<If "Invite Friends" limited to admins>

Only admins can invite users to the private group and only admins can issue the Invitation code.

We can form faction closed community on Niantic chat. The join groups procedure can be as follows:

1. Someone express their intention to join a private group - at COMM, Telegram, Twitter, Open Group of Niantic chat, etc. anywhere.

2. The group admins check if they are suit for the community. (if Niantic chat profile shows their faction, this section will be easy though.)

3. Group admin send the group invitation code via private message and support to join.

I really hope this will be realized.



  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭

    "Any user can invite any other user" destroys the value of invite-only groups -- there needs to be gatekeeping.

  • MorganzaMorganza ✭✭✭✭✭

    In particular, admins need the ability to invite an *Ingress agent* to a chat, whether or not they know that person's Niantic chat handle.

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