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  • Sorry for being sarcastic... but perhaps this chat will be a perfect replacement when google chat, the former hangouts, will fail again.

    After all, google perfectly knows how to make a good chat app.

    Turning off irony: No. The scanner does not need a chat. Don't bloat the app.

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    Efforts is appreciated but..

    It's very difficult to build a real useful/free of bugs social feature in a decent time.

    Why not giving an option inside application to:

    • have a friend agent list (mandatory other agent confirmation).
    • be able to share 3er app contact (like user in telegram, etc..) with your friend list. Information your profile.
    • private and direct message to an agent thru comm.
    • And about COMM, i would change CHAT only with incomming messages received. Two tags, messages from friend list and from all. Spliting to avoid SPAM could disturb. If you can, every new agent can trigger a message like "pepe has born in London" in "messages from all", being able to local agents to contact it (writing him thru comm or directly adding him to friend list so he will be able to see social information).

    With that changes, agents can communicate directly thru application, collaborate to OPs or talk more using 3er party application. NO big development and less bugs (always more development has more bugs) and will have less wait time. And.. we avoid the problems actually has COMM.

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  • @isohiza you have a point, especially re: bgan portals.

    I'm all for new features, but I'd also love a 'low data mode' that stripped out needless requests / pictures.

  • That used to exist, NIA silenced it by moving the messages to latlon 0,0

    Unsure if it ever made it to prime

  • DerNarfDerNarf ✭✭✭

    Lest find out and test it.

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    I have to admit, while this is interesting, and may have some merits in terms of helping to onboard new players, what would make the life of the player community mods around the world so so much easier is if it were possible to OAuth players against their game account.

    Doesn't really have to be much more than "this account has this IGN, and plays for this faction", but because it's Niantic providing the info, we know it should be correct.

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    Just want to point out that this is something that will be brought to all games and not just Ingress. And for those that are part of the Beta it’s just a button that appeared in the app. No extra update, no extra size increase. And especially if the way it works is just a web-client within the app the actual ‘size difference’ will be minimal. This is independent from Ingress but is just being beta tested here. It’s part of the Niantic Profile platform, I believe, which encompasses all the games.

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    I'm not sure Niantic has understood what the core problems with Ingress actually are.

    * Global events are still missing.ini events aren't the same

    * Story, whether players followed it or not, gave Ingress an IC reason to keep going.

    So not sure what the long term plan is for Ingress and Niantic Chat. We already have in game chat that is moderately effective.

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    @NianticBrian are you meant to be able to join an Ingress Niantic chat in whilst in the Catan Niantic chat.

    You can if the person in Catan uses the group invite code from the Ingress chat they will see it in Catan.

    The person who tried that doesn't have the Niantic chat in ingress available

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    I'm glad to see that the tutorial will get changes!

    A month and some.. I got my gf into this game and she wasn't able to understand a thing. Me neither and I've been playing since 2014!

    I REALLY wanted to exit the tutorial just explain it to her. It was so confusing and cumbersome! Slow and without options to go back when the game came back and some portal 1km away for selected like 3 times (we had 7 portals in range, though ADA insisted on selecting that one.

    Agent name and faction selection shouldn't be forced to be selected on the street, either.

    When I got into Ingress I got the time to immerse into the backstory, love my faction since that moment and choose a great agent name from my house... And THEN had to venture out to actually learn how to play... That was perfect.

    But ADA and Jarvis interrupting the tutorial every moment to tell the story? The game mechanics explanations mixed with the faction ideas? Jarvis saying that you should choose the resistance (yeah, at least in the Spanish translation he says that). I didn't have a clue what was happening at all. Let alone my GF as a new player. Then having to close and reload 4 times and get the same thing over and over for some portal got selected 1km away when we had 7 in range. It takes two minutes to load the game, and then a gazillion messages again... No way to restart in the portal selection, or select another portal or cancel the whole tutorial altogether.

    It was awesome and so interesting when i got in! I still remember ADA saying to me "choose your faction. This choice is final" 6 years ago, and that felt like a life choice! I had to take the RIGHT one! Ingress was not a game.

    This time it was a burden. I hope you can fix it, cause I hope she and more agents can get that awesome sensation when installing the scanner for the first time on their devices! Ingress is NOT a game ;)

    Tldr: tutorial goes: installation from home, backstory and Scanner idea, faction and agent name selection still from home... And then maybe venturing out to try deploying, linking and destroying portals... Or just create some virtual portals at home to grasp the tutorial basics with time instead of on the street, maybe in the middle of winter with bad network. Most people would just uninstall such a frustrating game. I learnt with virtual portals some of the actions and it was very kind with the little toad I was :-D

  • I'm enjoying a lot of aspects of the new Niantic chat. I like that you can use the map to find communities in other cities that are open. This is a bit better than trying to get a reply in faction chat in a new town. Or even open comms. It doesn't replace comms, but it is a bit more secure. I'd like to do more testing and playing with it. But here in Houston, it seems there are only two agents in all of Houston that got the new button, myself who plays ENL and one other agent who plays RES. So my effort to create a group for organizing frack events only has one member, me. And I can't invite anyone or even tell them about it, which is a little disappointing.

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    also i doubt u want discuss future opsec plans in the niantic chat :D not really ideal....

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    @NianticBrian @NianticThia Does Niantic Chat interact with Niantic Social? It sounds like this is an unity across the Niantic games/NRWP/Lightship/whatever name brand it becomes after this post. As your post is poking at, this looks like a way for Niantic to be able to interact with participants of any event done the road. For instance, Second Sunday mission participants are in direct connection to NIA about verification issues. There's no multiple attempts to herd players to the forum. Feels like at the forefront a way to nail down troubleshoot.

    I'm hoping there's tests for the group functionality since you have First Saturdays as virtual meetups which gives opportunities to nail down any issues. *knock on wood*

  • Wow I can't wait to get endless chat messages offering to sell me everything under the sun from the bot accounts.

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    I support this if the majority of the development is done agnostically... That means that the resources to build this thing in a timely manner will be tied to the fate of all of the games and not just one of them. If this was being developed by ingress developers for ingress only I would be wildly against this because there are other things that need to be addressed first...

    If the push of Pokemon go and other successful games in the future from Niantic guides this platform for chatting along a reasonable development schedule, then I'm all for it. Hopefully skinning it to fit ingress isn't a big job.

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    For those on the beta, how is this going, if you can tell us?

    For Brian and co, when are we expecting more of a rollout as Catan World Explorers shuts off next month and was the main app using this?

  • So the thing is that the people that you select for closed betas, just like the people you select to be Vanguard, and the people you select to be xm ambassadors, etc are people that your team would personally like to be representative of Ingress players in general, and paying customers in particular, but they are not actually representative of either. It seems that all suggestions that you're selecting from the wrong criteria are looked at as players just being sour that they weren't chosen, but then for 5 years now every decision made and initiative begun has ended in failure.

    That failure is again trying to build a product for the customer you want and not the customer you have or need. Remember when there was a push to gear INGRESS for teenagers when your player base is in thier 40's? We do. How'd that work out for Ingress? Only Niantic has the numbers, but it is clear there can't be many more than perhaps a fifth of the player base left from out peak, and we all know that all we as players do is complain no matter what you do, but that fact doesn't in anyway detract from the fact that business goes poorly only when business people do poorly.

    You need to get rid of your preferred agent class and build all community interface back from scratch because your preferred agents have never done a thing for you, or for Ingress. Take down the scarecrows, Brian

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    Did Ingress just close the Niantic Chat beta? My chat button disappeared. @NianticBrian @NianticThia

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    The Niantic Chat broke a few days ago, which is probably why Niantic removed the button until it is fixed. Catan still has the button, but it leads to the error reported below. See:

  • That explains it, thanks. I'm hoping this is the proper forum to talk about this subject.

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    Fixing your app, particularly visibility and usability issues, will do far more to gain and retain players than updating your chat facilities.

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    Just to note here, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite (though it closes at the end of January) will be adding Niantic Chat Social to their game also.

  • How to create a group?

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