[Feature request] Filtering group on the map

unagiramenunagiramen ✭✭✭

After Niantic Chat would be released for Ingress, PokemonGO, I'm sure a ton of groups would be created. There might be more than 1,000 groups in each city, 100,000 in a big city such as Tokyo, NYC, I guess. Group filtering on the map will be a must-have feature.

We need to discuss what kind of filter is needed. Just an idea, but I guess the following filter would be nice

* App Type ... "Ingress", "PokemonGO", "HPWU"

* Subcategory of App ... "Ingress ENL", "Ingress XF", "PokemonGO Mystic"

* Time of creation ... Created within 1 week, More than a month ago

* Number of members ... 100<, 1000<

* Text search ... Searching against title, description with using text input

(For implementing "App Type", "Subcategory of App" filter, these flag/tag should be able to be attached to a group)

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