Events should be independent from groups

Hey, first of all thank you for the opportunity to participate in the beta! It is greatly appreciated.

Events will be a wonderful addition to the game! I’m hyped for all the possibilities this will bring. I play pogo more than ingress (filthy, I know 😛) and I believe that since it is going to be cross platform you might want some insight from a pogo player’s perspective.

Events will be a fantastic way to coordinate raids as both raids and events are ephemeral. Now, with that in mind, if I’m in a different city for the day, it seems counter intuitive having to join a group temporarily in that city to find raids.

We should be able to make events publicly joinable. That way, any user could find something near them without the need to be in a million groups they might not interact with ever again.

I believe we also need to be able to add a description to events. Again, having in mind I’ll use that feature for Pokémon, if we’re coordinating raid hour, the description could be the route the community will use. Or let’s say I find a 100% IV wild Pokémon, it could describe exactly where on the map that specific Pokémon is located.

Last thing I think could be beneficial, if events were to be independent from groups, would be a little chat box. It could be a single channel system since events are only there for a limited time anyway.

Anyway, those are my first thought on the system, let me know if you agree or not 😁


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