Niantic chat: Cant share live location

Ingress Version:

Phone model: Samsung S20 Ultra (Android 11)

Location: Malaysia


Share of live location still not available.

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  • Same is true gor me

    iOS: 14.7.1

    iPhone: 11

    Ingress version: 2.77.1

    My location: Tokyo, Japan

  • Same with the two devices I have

    OS : Android9

    Phone model : Sony XperuaXZ1

    Ingress version: 2.77.1

    OS : Android11

    Phone model : Sharp Aquos sense4

    Ingress version: 2.77.1

    My location: Aichi, Japan

  • yngemaryngemar ✭✭✭

    Does the option to share your location only show up in groups that have more than one member (you)? This would make some sense, since who would you be sharing with if you’re the only member?

    Just making sure location sharing isn’t bugged for me, or that I’m not simply missing where this feature lives.

  • @yngemar the option is found in the bottom left of the channel text entry box alongside the event creation icon.

    When you share from a channel you are in fact sharing your location to the entirety of the group that the channel forms part of. You are NOT sharing your location to all users though, just to Groups you have specifically shared your location to

  • yngemaryngemar ✭✭✭

    Thank you @ATR0P0S .

    I will say that from a design perspective, that’s not where I expected either of those functions to live, especially since, as you note, those functions are group-wide, not channel-specific.

  • I agree - it might make more sense for this to be duplicated into a group option also

    Having a summary of which groups your location is shared to would also be good

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