Wayfarer statistics reset - how will this affect my Recon badge?

I requested my Pokemon GO account to be deleted which caused my Wayfarer statistics to be reset. My nominations are still visible, but my nominations reviewed and all other statistics have been rest to zero.

I have tried contacting Niantic support, but I have not even received a confirmation that my problem has even been read by someone. On the Wayfarer forums there are several users with identical issue and they have not got a single response either. This seems to work both ways. Also a deleted Ingress account has caused Wayfarer statistics to be reset even if the player continues with Wayfarer and other Niantic games.

So, what I am mostly worried about is that what will happen to my Recon badge (now 5908) if I start reviewing nominations now while my statistics are reset? Does the Recon badge add possible new reviews on top of the old ones, do I have to review 5908 until I start actually gaining anything to the badge or does it reset itself back to square one if I do something? Or should I just keep my hands away from Wayfarer and wait for someone from the Niantic to actually comment on this issue?

I would really like to participate in upcoming Wayfarer events and continue reviewing to someday get the Onyx Recon badge, but I do not want to risk all the work I have done in OPR and Wayfarer so far.

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  • InvestigateXMInvestigateXM ✭✭✭✭✭

    My Wayfarer account was reset as well, but as I continued to review after redoing the test, the Recon badge incremented like normal. I now have around a thousand points on my Recon badge, but my Wayfarer profile only shows ~200.

    You should be able to continue reviewing like normal, the badge should continue counting.

  • How on earth is this tagged as "Working as intended"?

    No getting a response from Niantic at support forums or in customer service = working as intended?

    Reseting Wayfarer stats without my consent = working as intended?

    Not informing users anywhere that deleting an account in another game causes your stats to be deleted in Wayfarer = working as intended?

    @NianticBrian @NianticVK

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