Niantic Supply Packaging is Awesome

BihotzBihotz ✭✭✭✭✭
edited August 2021 in General

Kudos to whoever designed the Niantic Supply packaging materials.

This is how my package arrived. My address and name are on the other side. Definitely an improvement from a cardboard box I've received earlier.

Inside, I received a vacuum-sealed Doty as well as a well-decorated box interior. The postcard is amazing and is definitely going to go on my wall. Imagine how awesome this packaging would be if it was decorated with both Enlightened and Resistance logos!

Nice work with vacuum-sealing Doty. This not only keeps him dry, but it allows him to be sent in a smaller package, which means less negative impact to the environment. Here is Doty enjoying his cozy transport pod. (Once Doty was removed from his pod, he immediately returned to his normal shape and was ready for adventure!)

The package had amazing wrapping paper too. I was floored at how great this experience was. Hopefully we well see Ingress-specific designs in the near future!


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