Welcome to the Niantic Chat Closed Beta!

Hello Agents!

If you're seeing this post, you have been requested by another Agent to join as one of the first groups in the Niantic Chat Closed Beta. Niantic Chat is an unreleased or non-public feature that we’re testing in Closed Beta and is subject to multiple iterative changes. As such, we would very much encourage you to save all discussions, screenshots, and feedback for this private space in our forum. 

We’ll be opening to more Agents over the following months, so keeping Niantic Chat private throughout the Closed Beta will allow both you and our teams to create the best experience possible for each new wave of players. Please note that if we learn that a Beta Tester has leaked information outside of the private Closed Beta group, we will remove that tester from the Closed Beta.

What can you share with players outside of the Closed Beta?

  • General descriptions about Niantic Chat. Here’s a writeup we shared in another post: “Niantic Chat enables players to join and create their own groups (both public and private), and coordinate events with reminders pinned to the Niantic Chat world map. Recruit new players, share your location with the groups you trust, and coordinate meetups with friends directly from the game. Ingress is more fun when played with friends, and Niantic Chat is the easiest, most secure way to do so.”
  • If you’d like to brag to your friends that you’ve been selected as one of the first Agents for the Closed Beta, please feel free to do so.

What should you not share with players outside of the Closed Beta?

  • Any links, announcements, or discussions from this private forum. This includes copy/pasting as well as screenshots.
  • Screenshots of Niantic Chat. As mentioned above, we want to work with this group to build an amazing Niantic Chat experience for the broader Ingress community. There will be lots of new features, improvements, and even UI changes over the next few months, so sharing too much right now would be premature.
  • Discussions around upcoming features or bug fixes.

We'll be keeping a close eye on all of the posts in this private space for feedback, bug reports, and general discussion. We’ve also added a megathread for feedback here.

We’re so excited to play a part in the Ingress community and can’t wait to see what you all do with Niantic Chat!


The Ingress and Niantic Chat teams


Opt Out of the Closed Beta

If you would like to be removed from the Beta, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/c1gSoNHsSpznSwGC6

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