Niantic Chat Weekly Bug List

We will be updating this thread on a weekly basis with the latest issues we have noted. We will be monitoring all of the posts in this Closed Beta space, so please continue to follow the same feedback / bug report guidelines as always.

The most helpful bug reports are reproducible and specific. If you’re seeing an account-specific issue, the forum isn’t the best place to seek help. Instead, tap Main Menu > Settings > REPORT PROBLEM > Contact Us.

General Guidelines

  • Search for duplicates before you post.
  • Report 1 issue per thread.
  • Please keep bug reports and feedback in this space related to Niantic Chat
  • Share specific steps to reproduce the issue you’re seeing.
  • Describe what you expected to happen, and what actually happened instead.
  • Include your device model name, Android or iOS version, Ingress app version number, and whether you’re connected to 4G/5G or Wi-Fi.
  • Attach a screenshot of any error message you’re seeing.


Known Issues


  • iOS’s upload photo path has a bricking bug when a user takes a photo with the device and uploads the photo
  • UI does not refresh instantly for other users; when user A creates a group or modifies a group member list, user B and user C won’t see the changes immediately. The propagation period is about 1 minute
  • Android back button navigation: If you create an event and click on any of the options to select or enter details, clicking the device back-button drops you back to the group main screen. Using the back-buttons at the top of the app returns you back to the event creation screen
  • Location-sharing issues for a limited set of users on iPhone 8

Text channels

  • Cannot be deleted
  • Channel list is not sorted chronologically


  • Users can be invited multiple times to the same group
  • Creating a group does not make the group visible immediately. Sometimes need to go to different tab then come back to see the new group
  • Using an invite code for a group you’ve already joined is confusing because it provides no feedback
  • Entering an incorrect group invite code provides no feedback.

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