Update on Portal Nominations, Edits, and Photo Submissions



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    Submitted a support ticket yesterday in-app. It’s been two+ months of us complaining and them “investigating”. “In due time” they say, it is to larf!

    *minor redaction just for privacy’s sake. Also, why it says “Friday” must be some weird bug?

  • Ah so “due time” ™️ Is joining soon™️

    presumably due time™️ is longer than soon™️ 🙄

  • Just bumping this up so we might get an update.

    I know @NianticThia you are acting as a messenger, any info is helpful.

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    Now last I knew, the Wayfarer staff said that this was a problem with the individual games' servers and not with Lightship itself.

    In-game support seems to indicate that it's just a matter of the submitters being overly impatient.

    And submitter research has shown that this is entirely, or at least mostly, caused by the reviews of the internal Waypoint reviewers at Niantic who are not just checking for PRP, but are skipping the community review process entirely and giving candidates an admin-level solo pass/fail grade.

    At what point can we get off this carousel and arrive at a real solution?

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  • Over a month now and I am waiting for one of my portals to come through to ingress. It is in pogo and I got a friend to like it but for some reason there wasn't an option to like the photo on the stop. Since this one got accepted but not put in ingress even though it is not near another portal I have had at least 3 portals accepted and instantly become live in ingress. An update on what has caused this issue with at least an apology for the problem would be nice but instead all we get is just be patient it will come through in due time, I have been waiting for over a month that is far too long to have to wait when it was live the same day it was accepted in pogo.

  • I think we have been extremely patient.

    @NianticThia have the team found the problem yet?

  • I've got a total of 6 portals that are not showing up in Ingress.

    Now I don't even know if I should just resubmit them or not. The existing/invisible ones might be showing up in Wayfarer as duplicates after all...

  • They'll be marked as duplicates because they should be showing up in Wayfarer. If they're in pokemon go a like on the picture (but requires a level 38 account or higher to do) forces them into Ingress and you will get the key but no ap and no credit.

  • As another week rolls by I’m beginning to think

    We might hear something by Christmas?

    It is actually a feature ?

    ”the Team”™️ Need some help?



  • In the 2+ months since this issue first started, I've gotten my hopes up several times: @NianticThia , @NianticVK , and their counterparts on the Wayfarer side have remarked that they will provide updates or details, and/or have seemed interested in finding resolution. After a while, though, all we get is silence. It's disappointing. If the team is still actively investigating but has not yet found a solution, that's fine: I know how these things go, having worked in IT for 20+ years. All one needs to do is keep the consumers of the product informed as to status so that they feel heard, and it will stem the tide of "is it fixed yet?" questions and duplicate problem reports.

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    Any further news on this? It seems like we have had silence for a while from Niantic.

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    Yawn - more broken promises.

    I mean, how hard is it to post "Still investigating, sorry nothing more yet."

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    @NianticThia Help please :D I did the Pogo work around but did not receive the +1 Portals discovered.

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    This is not really good enough - don't Niantic have staff who can simulate adding a portal in various location configs, and you know, test stuff?!

    Niantic seem to keep requesting us, the players, to fix issues created by Niantic in the first place.

    It's been weeks with almost zero feedback after it was promised that we would get regular updates.

    Relying on player data, which is going to be of varying quality in terms of technical feedback seems to be more thoughts and prayers than solid progress.

  • Thank you for responding @NianticThia

    In one way it’s good to know that there is no progress.

    On the other hand It really isn’t great that 2 and a half months later it is still under investigation.

    I have posted 4 instances that I am aware of in the bug report thread.

    At least 2 of these I have not been able to visit. They could sync at any time as any pogo player could force the sync. So no idea what is happening with them, the other 2 I did not get AP or discovered credit.

    It is much more than the portal appearing there are also issues with edits and photos having to be forced through in the same way.

    Is there no one senior willing to offer a proper apology and be willing to get this sorted.

  • @NianticThia If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via Telegram.

    Let me summarize the facts for you: Only submissions that are evaluated by Niantic employees are affected - if they finally stopped interfering, it would be helpful to many!

    If a Niantic employee evaluates a submission, it disappears from the Wayfarer profile and reappears in the profile a short time later, either accepted or rejected.

    The wayspot, if accepted, will be added to Lightship, but only synchronized to Pokémon Go, provided the cell concerned is free. If the cell is not free, the wayspot will not appear in Pokémon Go.

    I discovered the workaround that a "Like" helps in Pokémon Go and shared it with the community. For me, however, this is not a solution, as the meaning of a "Like" is completely different!

    If a wayspot is "liked" in Pokémon Go, it will be synchronized to Ingress, regardless of whether it is within a 20 meter radius of another wayspot / too close.

    One problem that arises in connection with this is the following: There is a section in the Wayfarer forum where you can delete photos of wayspots. However, these are only removed in Ingress and never in Pokémon Go - and can accordingly be synchronized back to Ingress by a "Like" in Pokémon Go. Which means for me that changes on your part will not be made in Lightship, but will continue to be made on the basis of the individual games. In any case, there is no longer a cross-game synchronization process and everything runs separately from each other.

    Well, back to the topic. If the wayspot was synchronized by a "Like", your system seems to notice who submitted it and the person concerned then receives the associated portal key, but not the +1 stat and not the 1000 AP.


    If you need examples from me, here are a few. I was able to synchronize them with a "Like", but did not receive any AP and a +1 Stat.




    Here are a few examples that haven't been synced yet:





  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    What further complicates/confuses is the fact that Brian just posted that the 'one day sync' lightship feature was implemented, whilst it is clearly not (or not everywhere).

    People are missing submissions (not appearing in-game at all) but I've had several portals go live without any sync delay. What's going on here? Is or isn't it implemented? Is it partially? Are there other parameters we don't know about?

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭✭

    I have three accepted wayspots all affected, only one of which I managed to sync via the “like” workaround. The other two are in the limbo, as they cannot appear in pogo.

    I got my single key, but no evidence that I got any additional rewards.

    You can see more of my thoughts and commentary in the bug threads, both here and on the Wayfarer forums. But because of privacy issues, I prefer not to post specific locations here.

    I’m also frustrated that some K12 removal complaints are being ignored by staff, for MANY weeks. Plus another removal request that I cannot even initiate, as their removal process requires an in-app request first, before the interminable long wait and the “normal” rejection of the request finally followed by a public post — as I only know about the portal from the Intel map.

    Casey used to personally help me with such matters by way of DM, but he no longer has anything to do with Wayfarer and has stopped responding to me now, alas.

  • @NianticThia Can you seriously just ask them to test using the same system that Niantic employees/subcontractors are using? It's always the same thing where it disappears off our nomination list which the Wayfarer team verified is them reviewing and not players.

    I am waiting on an island portal so not impacting day to day play. Also, got a business approved which local approvers are pain on so not all bad but it does need to be fixed. I won't be willing to go to different places to get new stuff if it doesn't add to portal discovered stats.

  • @NianticThia

    Using logic there are a couple of possibilities.

    That the process of removing / replacing back in an individual’s nomination list leaves a rogue piece of code that somehow only interferes with ingress. Don’t think it’s likely but it is a new element.

    That the agreement process by staff skips a vital step and hence a piece of code. So perhaps the normal process creates an accepted marker when the voting criteria are all met that Ingress then recognises and triggers email etc. But as staff presumably don’t vote but just tick accept or reject a vital bit is missing for ingress and it doesn’t recognise it as an accepted portal ( but will do when synced). Something like this seems more likely.

    This would also explain the erroneous rejections by staff with just a full stop. There is no voting in the categories to allow set text to be drawn on.

    Is it possible to pause staff reviewing until this is determined.?

    if not, is it possible for staff to “vote” and allow the nomination to cross the finishing line naturally (as the original programmer intended) . After all you know how the scoring system works so it should be feasible.

    Anyone out there actually a programmer with any other ideas that Thia can pass on to help the Team ™️

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭✭

    @NianticThia previously what was happening was:

    1. Niantic would randomly pull nominations and vote on them. Their decision was final
    2. These nominations would return to the queue and PLAYERS would vote on them. But their actual vote had no effect on the wayspots acceptance
    3. Players would get agreements based only on whether their vote matched Niantic's decision
    4. When the players' voting came to their own consensus, the wayspot would exit the queue, and either be accepted or not based on step 1.
    5. Depending on proximity rules (20m+) an accepted wayspot would become a portal. If accepted here, move on to step 6, otherwise we're all done
    6. Depending on proximity rules (unique S2 cell) an accepted wayspot would become a stop/gym. And now we're all done

    When Wayfarer switched to Lightship, it seems they are now entirely skipping steps 2-5, but ONLY for manual Niantic reviews.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Still don’t understand why I submit a portal on Sunday, have it go live on Monday and have the mail, AP and key all at the same time.

    No sync at all, is it only partially on lightship?

  • 0X00FF000X00FF00 ✭✭✭✭✭

    Reviews NOT done internally by Niantic aren't triggering the bug. Lucky you had a lot of enthusiastic reviewers that accepted your nomination pretty quickly.

    I've had a pretty quick turnaround this weekend too -- an attraction inside the local mall was quickly rejected. Submitted on the 9th, rejected on the 11th. (Most of my nominations take longer, but it does seem to be much quicker on average lately.)

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    Okay, I get that these reviews are done by wayfarer people, but still; Brian claims we are now on the 'Lightship' feature of Portal management. Meaning that -like other games- portals sync over once a day. This clearly is NOT the case. That's why I'm asking.

    Nothing to do with the issue of portals not being transferred over, but it's not going like Niantic has explained it will go from now on.

  • GendgiGendgi ✭✭✭

    I think it's the case some of the time. I've noticed whenever I do the "PoGO like" method to force my Portals in, they always appear at the same time the next day - about 6pm Central Standard Time. I suspect that's intended to be the new standard sync time, but only for the Lightship to Ingress sync rather than the general review system that hasn't been fully transitioned.

  • Jo0LzJo0Lz ✭✭✭✭✭

    It’s all speculation. Bottom line is they are making statements that are just not true.

    I don’t care as much, but there are people pretty livid about the whole thing.

  • In this update the sync issue gets a mention as follows:

    • Wayspot sync issues in games: These are both still under investigation by the Pokémon GO and Ingress teams as it has to do with their sync pipelines. I understand it's frustrating, but we're pushing for a resolution asap.

    So…..as it heads towards 3 months they don’t know what is happening.

    Wayfarer where some of the issues start, has washed hands of it and it is up to the individual games to create a fix for the change so they can sync. So there is no one approach to solving the problem.

    I think we can assume that soon™️ Is about to take on a whole new length of time.

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    If you're asking anything about nominations, the Wayfarer forum will be the better place to get an answer.

  • For this particular issue Wayfarer has said clearly it is up to the individual games.

    @NianticThia sorry to bother you but as there is no expected end date what exactly are people to do?

    Can a warning email about the problem be sent?

    Will there be a plan to automatically put things right?

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