Failed Attempt to L-16

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Operation R2L16

Objective: Leveling from L1 to L16 in a single day

Agent: @Adikar123  (Resistance Hyderabad, India) - 2nd recursion

Support Agent:

@Srinjay09 @R0B0STAR @sohithpv

Recorded Time (UTC+5:30):

- Recursed at 5.38

- First field 17:47


-AP Gained: 22,827,734

-MUs gained: 567,154,977

-Links created: 2591

-Field created: 4013

-Trekker: 6 km

-70 Jarvis

-264 SBUL

-4 APEX used


The plan was simple, to make use of the spline of 39 portals which is at the center of the city at a single stretch which makes farming for keys easier too.

Started by making a classic 2 anchor (NorthWest and South) 39 layer Control Field heading to West. 

And using South side of the anchor deploying 4 SBUL's on each of the portals so that we can make 40 outgoing links from each portal. After making the links JARVIS'd the portal and moved out to the next portal and continued the same procedure going forward.

AP Gain from each portal

As each portal is a 39 layered fields (38*2+1 fields).

77 fields x 1,250 AP + 40 links x 313 AP = 108,770

Due to the event of Weekend 8 Celebration there was double AP event plus used APEX on top of it.

108,770 x 2 x 2 = 435,080

Key Farming & Distribution:

As the spline portals are in the center of the city and pretty closest to two of the agents , we used to farm daily for a week while there was a event Field Art Challenge during which the key drop rate was all time high . Farmed for keys during the event and sorted them out between us. And the NorthWest anchor being one of the home portal (easily accesible by another agent from the other side of the city, he helped with farming the keys for that portal. The insane amount of SBUL and JARVIS was a big headache at first. But thanks for the generousity of Resistance Agents for share their SBUL and JARVIS for this OPs, and wished this OPs to be successful. Thanks to supporting agents mentioned above and all member of Resistance Hyderabad.


The initial plan was to complete the OP on August 8th, due to insufficient keys farmed and the availability of the players to come in on that day coz of health issues, for a player and multiple cross links made by the Enlightenment team had to postpone the OP to August 9th. Recursed on August 9th early morning at 5:38. Again due to technical issues couldn't start the fielding. Had to wait 12 hours before the first field could be made.

Inventory management with supporting agent @Srinjay09

17:47 : Initial Field was made and had to wait further 15-30 mins to begin the AP grind. Finally at 18:32 the grind began, with no more time left to be wasted, we had to hurry up the grind

After that, portal was JARVIS'd and we proceeded to next portal and did the same sequences. There is a loop of 49 portals in this area to do the sequences and prevent from immune problems. We are using motorcycle in this OPs, since in the area is safe enough to drive and stop.

After many hiccups finally managed to end up at 22M AP.

I present this as a stepping stone to the future success, not only mine but to all Resistance Agents in Hyderabad. Thank you Resistance agents ! Three cheers to Resistance! Hopefully we complete the challenge next time.

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