Purchased from store, didn’t get items

Purchased 2X10 power cubes from store. Inventory showed +20 items, and CMU balance showed -2000, but I got no power cubes.

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  • @Dj8k from our store logs, I can see that you purchased 2 x10 Resonator bundles, but I don't see any Power Cube purchases. Are you referring to the 10 Power Cubes bundle or the 10 Resonators bundle?

    • 2021/08/06 Fri 3:47:20 PM - 10 Resonators - 1,000 CMU
    • 2021/08/06 Fri 3:43:38 PM - 10 Resonators - 1,000 CMU
  • Dj8kDj8k ✭✭

    Ok, I might very well have bought theresonators by mistake, though I had my mind set on the cubes. My mistake it seems. Sorry for reporting a bug, when the bug obviously was in my mind.

  • Thanks for writing back, @Dj8k! I'll be closing this now, please feel free to reach out if you need help with any more questions. :)

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