Portals marked as visited or owned that I have not claimed

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So I traveled to the Sacramento NL event and on my way home I planned to visit an area (Woodland ca) that I have never visited before as it had a lot of green. This area is 5hrs away from my normal play area. I have never once visited it before. Never once hacked, deployed, glyph etc these portals. But as I started bursting a these portals suddenly the purple rings started popping up on a majority of the portals being hit by my bursters but not all of them. In further investigation the game and intel map are registering that I didn't just visit but I have owned a handful of these, which again I have never visited this area so that isn't possible. In a few more experiments when I claimed two of these portals it didn't count towards my unique visits. In fact my unique visits has 37 portals for the week and there is 40 portals here registering that I visited them after bursting.

To be clear the purple ring did not show up until I started bursting. Then I stopped, restarted the game, restarted my phone, cleared cache and it still shows them as visited and claimed on the scanner and intel. I was planning on clearing the area and claiming for uniques but it's not registering these portals as unique for me. I can't stay and test things out more as I have a 5hr drive home but I figured it was worth noting..

*edit* to note, I did just engage an Apex before destroying if that matters

Portal link to area https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=38.677636,-121.77379&z=16&pll=38.67795,-121.774149

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    Updated images to show that it's not inverted on the intel map

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